New Year 2019

A Happy New Year 2019, and just one more year to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics!

The children made New Year’s cards for celebrating 2-0-1-9!

It’s getting colder in Yokohama!  We need our pairs of mittens to stay warm!

In and out…

Birthday celebrations…

More Show-and-Tell…

Geography:  We live in Japan.

Hmm,  where do penguins live?

In February, the older group of children (from Reader’s Writers Workshop and Mr. Fior’s French class) boarded two buses and went to Tokyo to visit an aquarium.

The rest of the children at school had their Theme Day of “Under the Sea,” making crafts and playing games.  They made paper fishes, and with a magnetic fishing rod tried to catch them. They also baked fish cookies with Ms. Sallie.

On the last Friday of the month, the children participated in “Fun Day”. The two and three year olds stayed at school and had fun playing with balloons, making simple kites, and also exercising, hopping from one hoop to the other.

The 4 to 6 year olds bundled up and went on a walk to nearby Minato-no-Mieru-Oka Koen.  They took their simple kites that they had made and flew them while running around the park and around the flower garden.


In the afternoon, the older children went to the Elementary School building, and watched the popcorn pop!  Mr. Hitchman, our PE teacher, and Ms. Beardsly helped us pop the kernels.   Oh, do we all love popcorn, especially the ones we watched pop right before our very eyes! 

“Did you hear the popcorn POP?!”


The 2 and 3 year olds loved their popcorn, too.