2018-19 school year in review

Another school year is completed, and on June 10th, 2019, ten of our classmates, along with 23 students from Ms. Sallie’s and Ms. Catherine’s classes, participated in their completion ceremony.  The children stood on the stage of the Saint Maur Fine Arts Auditorium, as parents and Elementary school students witnessed the ceremony.

The children started with a prayer of thanks. They received their certificates one by one on the stage, and shook hands with Mrs. Levy, our Montessori principal.

The children sang a song accompanied by Mr. Levy’s guitar. They are now ready to move forward as First Graders, whether at Saint Maur or in another school in another country.  Well done, and best wishes in the future.

Looking around the classroom at a glance:

The children presenting and sharing the experience of discovery with each other:

The children discovering in pairs or in small groups of their choosing:A marvelous sense of accomplishment to build self-esteem and self-confidence.The children building a Roman Arch followng a diagram:

The children studying Geography throughout the year: Making maps and learning about the world we all live in.

The children love flags: They are so colorful.

The children building their concentration and working on their own:

The children working with numbers:  Numbers are everywhere!

The children making combinations of ten: And the numbers get bigger:

The children reading and writing:  Tracing with Sandpaper Letters.

The children using the Large Moveable Alphabet:

The children matching what goes together:

The children sound it out:  You read it!

The children learning about Honeybees:  Did you know that bees cannot see the color red?

The children and crafts:  Coloring and cutting.

The children beading:

The children grooming their hair in front of a mirror:The children cleaning up:

The children at play on the roof: The play area is being redone during this summer!

Learning tasks and various materials:

Moms, not only the children, are also taking classes and discovering.  One of the Adult Enrichment classes offered at Saint Maur is how to wear a Sari. Moms had fun taking this course led by one of our Indian moms, and they wanted to show us their pretty Saris. They came to visit our afternoon Language Arts class, and explained to us the fabric used for their Saris.

The children’s birthday celebrations:  Understanding that the earth goes around the Sun one time while the child  turns a year older—a child turning five would circle five times.

Birthday treats shared with classmates:

Pictorial celebration of each year, prepared by their parents:

It’s lunchtime!:

Too cute to eat up… :

Yes… lots of learning and lots of fun throughout our school year, on and off campus:

Reflecting back :

We had children joining us throughout the year, and we also had children who had to move and leave us during the year. The above photo of the 23 children, Ms. Mimi (far left, middle row) and Ms. Hoshi (right, back row) was taken at the end of the school year.  Of the 23 children, do you know the different nationalities we had this year?We had children from…Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and United States.

Isn’t it wonderful that the children are each an ambassador of their respective countries, learning and playing together in the same classroom everyday?  What a great experience they can treasure to make the world a better place as they grow.

…And more to learn, to experience, and to explore during the summer!