New friends, great start!

Hello, the children have had a good start to the year, making new friends, eager to learn new things.  They are excited to be back in school.

The children enjoy choosing their own work.

I like to draw on the white board.

Look what I built… I am careful when making it taller.

I am making a continent map; there are seven continents.  I am from India, located on the continent of Asia.

Flags are colorful and fun!  We are trying to sort and group the various flags.

Let’s see… where does this piece of the jigsaw-puzzle go?

I am tracing number 4 with my fingers using the Sandpaper Numbers.  I can “feel” this numeral.

I love numbers; can I keep writing on the white board?

Hmmm…  I want to write about my mom’s bread machine.  I’m using the Large Moveable Alphabet to do this.

Shapes!  I like it when the shape fits in its corresponding place.

I have to be careful when using scissors. And, my classmate is curious and wants to observe.

One day, in October, the first graders and their homeroom teachers came to visit our classroom to read us stories that they had written about their summer vacations.  Seven had been classmates until last June.  We were so excited to have them visit us, and happily listened to our friends’ stories.