Autumn arrives in October

As you set foot in our Montessori building, this is what will welcome you. The beautiful “Montessori” with children was cross-stitched by Mrs. Almoula. It is a timely celebration in the 47th year of our Montessori School being established in 1973. Saint Maur International School also has much to celebrate during the 148th year of its founding in 1872.

Since the end of August, it has been nice to see the children face to face in the classroom.  They are now well into a new routine in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Once a week, they go to the school library in the main building. On the way back, they passed by the school bus.  They also stopped by to see the cement mixer busy at work on the new gymnasium and Cougar Cafe. There is a bit more time needed before its completion, so it’s fun to see the progress.

These are the cement mixers and cranes being used.  On the way back to the Montessori building, we got a closer look.  Sometimes, the big crane is carrying heavy objects up into the air from one place to another.

We’ve recently noticed that Sister Carmel’s sakura tree, which was full of pink cherry blossoms in pre-spring February, has changed to green leaves. Now with the coming of autumn, the leaves are changing colors and falling.


 We read about the change in seasons, and how the leaves change colors in autumn.  We learned a poem about falling leaves.  We also observed the colorful leaves from outside and tried coloring the drawn autumn leaves.

We talked about superlatives…  Biggest-smallest,  tallest-shortest…

Who is the tallest girl?  The tallest boy?   The shortest?

The children all love puzzles. It feels good when a piece goes in the right place. Yes, it fits!

Look, the apple for my snack today looks just like this poster of ‘A, a, apple’!

As part of Fun Day in October, the children each brought recycled items from home, e.g., boxes and pet bottles, to make something creative.

Construction activity:  Hmm… Where can I place this?…

Our creations…


Look at my binoculars. I can see you!   Can you see me?

After the construction activity, the children had a chance to go to the interim gymnasium.  It was a rainy day, so we had to wear our raincoats when going back and forth from the Montessori building.

Under the protective roof of the gym, we walked on the line, following the classmate in the lead position.

Balloon tossing was very popular; even the younger children had so much fun chasing the balloons. Each of the three classes had their given color of a balloon: red, yellow, or green.


Crafts:  The children drew with markers on a piece of wood, under the theme of “My family”.

Halloween activities

Let’s enjoy the nice autumn weather in the playground on the roof of the Montessori building!