A new school year, welcome!

Hello to both our new and returning families in Ms. Mimi and Ms. Hoshi’s class,

This school year has started with 18 children (which includes 4 new families), and we are anticipating more families to arrive shortly in Japan.  The children from last year have welcomed and helped their new classmates feel comfortable in their classroom environment.  Aged from two to five years old, our students represent 10 different countries. They are excited to tell each other about their adventures over vacation.  The returning children came back to school a little taller, older—and with greater confidence.

At the new easel.

Practicing numbers.

“Oh, no.  Be careful! ”    “I can’t reach any more.”

Caring and cooperating:  “I can help you carry it!”

Snack time is also social time.

Using the Moveable Alphabet to write words.

Sound Cylinders involve matching the subtle sounds such as beans, sand and rice inside the cylinders.  Shake and listen carefully.

Caring for their environment such as sweeping under the table after lunch time.

Carefully rolling a mat and returning it to the proper place after use.

Concentrating: transfer the beans using a tong.

Communicating: in the Library Corner and also face-to-face.

So far in the month of September, we have had school-wide emergency drills: “Earthquake drill” and “Fire drill” involving Montessori, Elementary up to Middle through High schools.  Our children earlier received instructions on what the drills were about; and they practiced prior to the actual drill, so no child cried or panicked on the day.  We are expecting one other emergency practice, the “lockdown drill”, for all students soon.  Safety remains a top concern, from start to finish.

Earthquake position: practicing for the earthquake drill.

In preparation for the fire drill: our children walked through the Futaba Walkway to get to the evacuation area.

We are a team and a big family: respecting and caring for each other and our school environment.