Happy Easter


Our Easter display by the window of our classroom includes what the children made in the pink boxes.

Easter, which is a Christian celebration meaning new life, fell on April 16th this year.  The class drew designs on their eggs, wrapped in hen covers hand-crocheted by Ms. Mimi’s friend at church, and put in a basket that was made out of paper cups, which the children decorated with tissue papers and pipe cleaners for handles. 

 On April 27th, Thursday, the Montessori children who have been taking Ballet Classes after school gave their mini-recital, along with the Elementary ballet dancers, in the Fine Arts Auditorium.  Six children from our class participated and performed on stage with confidence.

The annual Food Fair on April 29th, Saturday, was a great success, under beautiful spring weather conditions, attracting many people to a day of international food and great family fun.  The parents worked very hard helping out, cooking and having prepared a wide variety of cuisine, reflecting the global family at Saint Maur, in the numerous food booths on campus.  Their support added much to the festivity, and was greatly appreciated.

The Montessori children sang in a mini-concert as part of the live entertainment outside the Fine Arts Center.  We also were responsible for two of the game booths, Lucky pencil and Fishing, located on the Recreation lot. The older children took shifts.  The Montessori games sold a total of 1,207 tickets altogether (one ticket worth 100 yen).

The highlight of the Fair was the fundraising Raffle.  This year, the proceeds will be used to help the construction of the new gym and cafe.  Did you know that the “first prize” was won by one of our classmates?  Iris’s family took home a Bicycle, YC & AC 1 Month Family Membership, American House Dining Voucher, 2 Pairs of Sunglasses, Brooks Brothers shirt, Baseball Game Tickets for Two, and a Basketball.  Congratulations to the top lucky winner!

Then came the month of May.  For Children’s Day, May 5th, Friday, the children made a kabuto (helmet) with koinobori (carp streamers). This day was a national holiday as well as a school holiday.

The school year is passing by quickly.  Recent hightlights include … Some are learning how to write numbers and words. The children are learning to work cooperatively together and helping each other.  They enjoyed “Show and Tell”—showing and telling what they brought from home. Some children are loosing their tooth. The children enjoyed their creativity building things.  They can play games taking turns and learning to be patient.


The children love going to the school library in the main building to choose their own books.  Our parents are encouraged to do so as well. The children had Movement classes twice a week where they learned to move their bodies, work on their coordination skills, and learn to dance to the music.