School construction in progress

School construction site next-door ties in nicely to our study unit on the various related vehicles and equipment:

Construction vehicles are seen from our classroom window.  “Look over there!”

“Wow, what’s that?”

What is that crane lifting up?

We see some vehicles that are small, and some others are big.

So, when Fun Day in October came, we decided that the Saint Maur construction site would be the perfect theme.

The three classes started the Fun Day by gathering in the Upper Rec Hall.  We read a book about a construction site while the cement mixers outside were getting their mixture ready.

We came back to our respective classrooms.  We colored the parts that go into making the various construction vehicles, putting them together like Lego pieces.

We are in charge of cutting out the round tires.

We are crumbling the newspaper to make the soil that was dug up.

The tires were cut out… let’s count them; do we have enough?  One, two, three…

Let’s color the Cement truck together for our mural.

A collaboration mural: The children from 2-and-a-half to 6 year olds all worked together.

Autumn is finally here. For Halloween, we made Jack-‘0-Lantern bags to put some treats into…


Poking on the line with a push pin.

Do you think my Jack-O’Lantern looks like me?

Pasting on the yellow cellophane.

Carefully cutting with scissors.

Using stencils and stamps.

We made our bags with handles.

In the library on Halloween orange/black day.