School in full swing

The school is now in full swing from half-day to full-day until 3 pm. Despite the lingering heat and humidity, the children are full of energy, excited in choosing their work to do alone or with partners, cooperating with friends from 9 countries, helping each other to learn and discover. Our class has spent time talking about each other on the topic of “All About Me.”

We recently participated in an all-school (up to Grade 12) earthquake drill one week, fire drill the next, and lockdown drill the following week. All children handled it very well.

earthquake drill

A four year-old helping a two year old to button her smock.                    img_1698

Drawing “my family”


Discovering, touching and comparing shells.


Coloring my own shoe


Sorting colors and shapes


Designing with different shapes


Addition Strip Board


Cooperating to complete the Cylinder Blocks


Our classroom in action





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