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Tuesday, June 2nd ~ Ms. Sallie’s Storytime

Hello everyone,


My story today is called “Inch by Inch”.  It’s another story written by Leo Lionni.  I chose this story for many reasons.  First, it’s about measuring.  Second, it’s about birds.  Third and lastly, in the new version of our alphabet song, “A, a apple”, the letter “i” is now “i”, “i” inchworm!!

I hope you enjoy my story….

Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni: 9781524766146 | ...              Inch by Inch — Click here to watch


Here are some questions you may want to think about and find out:

  • Is an inchworm a worm or a caterpillar?
  • How big is an inchworm?  How long do you think an inch is?  (Ask you moms or dads to show you,)
  • There are many birds in the world.  Can you name some that are not in this story?  Which one do you think has the longest neck? beak? legs? tail? wings?  This is something you can investigate over the summer!!
  • What was the idea behind the inchworm measuring the nightingale’s song?


Here are some real pictures of the inchworm and the birds you saw in the story:

Identify and Control Inchworms      Inchworm  —  See it moving like it’s measuring?

American robin - Wikipedia     Robin                  Animal/Flamingo (1080x1920) Wallpaper ID: 122379 - Mobile Abyss     Flamingo

EARTH OFFICIAL on Instagram: “Keel-billed Toucan, also known as ...      Toucan                  Grey Heron (Ardea Cinerea)     Heron


Ring-necked Pheasant Identification, All About Birds, Cornell Lab ...     Pheasant              What determines the colour of hummingbirds' feathers? | SciTech Europa     Hummingbird

Nightingales at risk due to shorter wings caused by climate crisis ...     Nightingale


Here are some birds singing their songs.  Who has the longest song?


If you want to learn more about birds, here is a nice video for you.


Craft Activity — You can make your own inch worm.  All you need is a strip of paper, scissors, something to write with (and decorate later if you’d like) and a straw.

Watch how you make it:


How can you have fun measuring things?  You can watch first and then try on your own.

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Monday, June 1st, Ms Barbara’s Storytelling

Hi everybody,


Today I’m reading to you another story about a fish.   The fish in last weeks story lived in a fish tank like the fish at school.

But this story is about a fish that lives in the ocean.

This book is  from Hawaii called Humu’s Colorful Ocean.  Hawaii is a beautiful island in the middle of the

ocean that many people like to visit.

This will be my last story, so hope you enjoy it.



Click here view


When you go to Hawaii you are greeted with a necklace made out of flowers called a lei.

Girls and boys also wear leis on special occasions.

Let’s make one.


There are many sea creatures in the ocean.  This summer if you are able to go to the ocean or maybe even

an aquarium you might be able to see them.

Here are pictures of the sea creatures that were in the story.

Red Urchin







Blenny Fish





Aren’t they all beautiful?  Let’s keep the ocean clean for all the living creatures in the ocean.



And of course, a song


And here’s a Hawaiian song


Have a nice summer – BYE

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It’s P.E. / Movement Day! (5/29)

Here are our P.E. / Movement activities for today.  Maybe you can do some things outside since it’s a beautiful day today!


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)

Let’s create your own movements and dances today!!  Just remember to dance to the music and sounds and get your hands, arms, feet, legs and your whole body moving!!




4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

How are you all doing with your 30days Challenge? 

This is the last set of exercises you will do for your 30 days challenge!

Today you will have a choice of jogging with me at the park or do some exercises on the spinning wheel!

If you feel like jogging, you could jog with me at the park.
This is the park where I usually jog when I feel like I need to exercise more 🙂 You could jog on the spot as you explore the park through this video and see how far you could jog with me!
If you start to feel dizzy or tired, make sure to stop!


Explore and jog with Ms.Yuri



You can spin this exercise wheel four times a day and do four exercises!


Exercise using the spinning wheel


Please make sure you have your water ready when you exercise!




5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Hello Everybody!


Today is the 6th day of Flashy Feet Fridays. How are your feet and legs doing? Are they getting faster and stronger? Can you feel it? 

For today’s practice, I will put in different counts and times for each exercise and we won’t be using any obstacles to jump over today too. It might be hard at first but I know you have gotten stronger with all our training. Afterwards, we will finish up with a challenging jump! Are you ready for it? Lets Go!!


20 Star jumps 

20 seconds Fast feet

20 bunny jumps in place


30 seconds rest


20 high Knees in place (10 per leg)

16 skater jumps

20 seconds fast feet figure 8


1 minute rest


5 Tuck jumps

5 Pike jumps (you can rest in between each jump)


Some tips for the pike jump: 

-remember the steps jump-kick-touch your toes

-swing your arms to jump up high

-Take a quick rest if your legs are getting tired


Remember to always be safe when practicing our moves. You can do them with music or have someone join you for your exercise. And always remember to have fun!


Thanks for exercising today!!  The days are getting warmer.  Remember to have a drink of water in-between and after your exercises to stay safe and healthy.  Also, wash your hands, eat healthy and exercise every day!   See you next week!!

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Friday, May 29th ~ Ms. Almoula’s storytime (Revised)

We are sorry that you were not able to see the story today.  It is now fixed and should be running.  Please enjoy.


Hello Everyone,

How are you  doing ? This will be my last story for you. Hope you enjoy it .

Today my story is about The Gruffalo!  Now what is this Gruffalo?

With his terrible appearance he is the scariest creature in the deep dark wood. But one brave little mouse with

a big imagination doesn’t think so!

Let’s find out how this little mouse deals with the big scary Gruffalo.


The Gruffalo -Click here to see the revised version




Activities for you to try ..

How to draw Gruffalo HERE



Guessing game ..

Animal sound game

Guess the hiding animal


Let’s have some fun dancing ! Before going into summer holidays. We can dance on this

lovely song about LOVE  ! 

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe summer ! !

Fun Hi 5 dance song L.O.V.E.

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Thursday, May 28th ~ Ms. Hoshi’s Storytime

Good morning, everyone!

This will be my last story, and I’ve chosen a bit of a long one!  I especially hope that the children who will be in first grade next year can enjoy MAMA LION WINS THE RACE, written by Jon J. Muth.  Our school named this book a Sakura Medal Picture Book, and he’s written many other prize winning stories.

I won’t write too much, you’ve got a long story to listen to!  Enjoy!!

Click here to listen to MAMA LION WINS THE RACE

Who was your favorite character, or car?

Why did the Flying Pandinis stop when Mama Lion and Tigey were on the side of the road?

Why did Mama Lion say “Or, we could not win!” towards the end of the story?

Have you ever helped a friend, even though it meant that you might not get something that you were hoping for?  It’s great to help a friend, isn’t it :).

I noticed that most of the drivers of the cars were wearing glasses for the wind and sun, you can go back and look again…  I’ve found a tutorial about making glasses out of paper.  It uses origami techniques, but be careful, the shape of the paper is not the same size as regular origami, it is American letter sized paper. And… you can’t wear these on your eyes.  You wouldn’t be able to see!!  But, you could put them ontop of your head and look cool!


And if you like to spend your time outside in the fresh air (with your origami sunglasses on TOP of your head!), you could enjoy brightening up your sidewalk/driveway with Red Bud Drives’ Chalk Mosaic.  Simple, but fun and great for strengthening finger muscles.

Have Fun!

How to Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic

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Wednesday (May 27th) ~ Guest Reader Day!

We have Mr Myk for our Guest Reader today.  The story is titled Little Red, by Bethan Woollvin.


Amazon | Little Red | Woollvin, Bethan | Foxes & Wolves


Little Red  – click here to listen


Please enjoy!!


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Surprise Guest on the Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s challenge is a sports day challenge. Mr Hitchman has created a Bingo exercise challenge for you to enjoy today. You can do the exercises as many times as you want, all you will need is to bring all your energy with you. Please use the slides (and instructional videos) to see today’s challenge. I hope you have fun!

Please use the folder to share your challenge today.

Good Luck and enjoy!


It’s Double P.E. / Movement Day! (5/26)

Today was our last live P.E./Movement Class for the 2019-2020 school year.  Who would have thought we would end the school year like this?  A big Thank You to Mr. Dale, Mr. Myk and Miss Yuri for planning and guiding us through the many fun activities that they did .

The live session is now over, but our P.E./Movement Posts continue until next week.  That means you’ll get to receive new exercises and activities for three more posts (excluding this one).  Please enjoy them!!!

Here are our activities for today:


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)


Can you clap your hands and do what the song says?




4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

It was great dancing with you again during our Zoom session! 

I hope you had a great time but I’m going to miss seeing all your faces 🙁

You can dance together with us by watching the Hand Clap video even though we don’t have our zoom meetings! 


Here is the link again.  You can dance together with your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, anyone!!.


Miss Yuri, Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s Dance Version


Here is the promised origiinal version that we have used.  It is a Radio Disney Version.



Now it’s time to calm yourself down and relax your body after our exercise together.
Today, I will introduce you to Dinosaur Yoga!

Dinosaur Yoga Ideas for Kids


Please enjoy!


5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Hi Everyone!


Look who’s joining us today at the Lower Rec Hall! It’s Mr Dale and Ms Yuri! We’re having a small get together and we collected 9 activities for everyone to do. 


Click Here to see the Lower Rec Hall Party!


The activities are hidden in the different items around the Lower Rec hall and you can watch and follow them when you click on each item. Some activities should be familiar with you as we have done them before in class. Can you guess what Mr Dale is doing over there near the mirrors?


I hope you enjoy this set of activities. Don’t forget to try your best doing them and always be safe when playing!




We hope you enjoyed your P.E./Movement class for today.  Continue eating well, washing your hands properly and EXERCISE!

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Tuesday, May 26th ~ Ms. Mimi’s Storytime

Hello boys and girls,

Here’s a story about Mrs. McNosh who loves to do her wash. But wait!

What is she hanging on the clothesline?

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash    Please click the title.

Questions and suggested Activities:

Mrs. McNosh was quite silly hanging some of the things up on the clothesline. What did she hang up to dry? There were quite a few items.

On a piece of paper, draw a clothesline at the top. Then, draw some funny things that you want to hang up on the clothesline.  Don’t forget to use the pegs to hang them up.

Can you find what doesn’t belong in this picture?   Click here  to color the pictures and circle what doesn’t belong. (Open PDF in preview to print. )

Watch how Alicia washes using a washboard.


Do you have many pairs of socks?  Gather them, and let’s match the socks!

Can you fold a T-shirt? Take a look at this demonstration.

How to show a child to fold a T-shirt


Montessori Practical Life Lesson on folding to help fold laundry…

Have fun folding laundry at home and helping in the chores.

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Monday May 25th~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Dear Parents & children,

How are you doing?

I’m doing fine, but one thing in particular that I miss doing with the children is singing songs.

In my class we generally always start the morning circle time with a song.

It just seems to put us in an upbeat frame of mind ready for learning.


So you guessed it, this story is a singing one. Get yourself comfortable as we  sing,

Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Iza Trapani together!


Click HERE to sing with me! 

Best wishes,

Ms Catherine X


Questions to ask:

  1. What did Itsy Bitsy climb up first?
  2. Did she try climbing up again?
  3. Whenever Itsy Bitsy was knocked down, did she give up? Why do you think this?
  4. After she reached the top of the tree, what did she do?
  5. At the end of the story Itsy Bitsy is wearing something, can spiders really wear these?


Activities to try:

Itsy Bitsy Spider puppet for fine motor play HERE

Sequencing page click HERE


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