It’s Double P.E. / Movement Day! (5/26)

Today was our last live P.E./Movement Class for the 2019-2020 school year.  Who would have thought we would end the school year like this?  A big Thank You to Mr. Dale, Mr. Myk and Miss Yuri for planning and guiding us through the many fun activities that they did .

The live session is now over, but our P.E./Movement Posts continue until next week.  That means you’ll get to receive new exercises and activities for three more posts (excluding this one).  Please enjoy them!!!

Here are our activities for today:


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)


Can you clap your hands and do what the song says?




4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

It was great dancing with you again during our Zoom session! 

I hope you had a great time but I’m going to miss seeing all your faces 🙁

You can dance together with us by watching the Hand Clap video even though we don’t have our zoom meetings! 


Here is the link again.  You can dance together with your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, anyone!!.


Miss Yuri, Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s Dance Version


Here is the promised origiinal version that we have used.  It is a Radio Disney Version.



Now it’s time to calm yourself down and relax your body after our exercise together.
Today, I will introduce you to Dinosaur Yoga!

Dinosaur Yoga Ideas for Kids


Please enjoy!


5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Hi Everyone!


Look who’s joining us today at the Lower Rec Hall! It’s Mr Dale and Ms Yuri! We’re having a small get together and we collected 9 activities for everyone to do. 


Click Here to see the Lower Rec Hall Party!


The activities are hidden in the different items around the Lower Rec hall and you can watch and follow them when you click on each item. Some activities should be familiar with you as we have done them before in class. Can you guess what Mr Dale is doing over there near the mirrors?


I hope you enjoy this set of activities. Don’t forget to try your best doing them and always be safe when playing!




We hope you enjoyed your P.E./Movement class for today.  Continue eating well, washing your hands properly and EXERCISE!

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