Thursday, May 28th ~ Ms. Hoshi’s Storytime

Good morning, everyone!

This will be my last story, and I’ve chosen a bit of a long one!  I especially hope that the children who will be in first grade next year can enjoy MAMA LION WINS THE RACE, written by Jon J. Muth.  Our school named this book a Sakura Medal Picture Book, and he’s written many other prize winning stories.

I won’t write too much, you’ve got a long story to listen to!  Enjoy!!

Click here to listen to MAMA LION WINS THE RACE

Who was your favorite character, or car?

Why did the Flying Pandinis stop when Mama Lion and Tigey were on the side of the road?

Why did Mama Lion say “Or, we could not win!” towards the end of the story?

Have you ever helped a friend, even though it meant that you might not get something that you were hoping for?  It’s great to help a friend, isn’t it :).

I noticed that most of the drivers of the cars were wearing glasses for the wind and sun, you can go back and look again…  I’ve found a tutorial about making glasses out of paper.  It uses origami techniques, but be careful, the shape of the paper is not the same size as regular origami, it is American letter sized paper. And… you can’t wear these on your eyes.  You wouldn’t be able to see!!  But, you could put them ontop of your head and look cool!


And if you like to spend your time outside in the fresh air (with your origami sunglasses on TOP of your head!), you could enjoy brightening up your sidewalk/driveway with Red Bud Drives’ Chalk Mosaic.  Simple, but fun and great for strengthening finger muscles.

Have Fun!

How to Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic

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