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Tuesday, January 26th- Ms Catherine’s Storytime

G’day Parents and children!

Today is Australia Day in my home country! 26th January


So I thought it would fun to read you a story that was sent to me all the way from Australia from my mum.

It’s called, Dingo in the dark. Click HERE


It’s about a young dingo, which is a wild native dog to Australia. He is terribly scared of the dark, but soon comes to realise with the help of his night time friends, that he is never alone and does not need to feel scared.

Enjoy listening along to the story!

Ms Catherine

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Christmas crafts & dance – Ms Catherine

Hello children,

Today I have two fun Christmas crafts and a dance to share at the end.

First up let’s make a-

Paper Plate Bauble

You will need:

  • a paper plate
  • paint, colour crayons or pencils
  • stickers, paper punch shapes and/or cut up pieces of coloured paper
  • a piece of string or ribbon
  1. With either paint, crayons or pencils just colour one side of the paper plate.
  2. If you painted your plate, let it dry and then decorate your plate with dot stickers, paper punch cut out shapes or simply cut up pieces of coloured paper and stick the pieces onto your plate.
  3. Lastly, cut out a piece of construction paper in the shape of a square, a piece of string or ribbon and attach it to  the top of your plate.
  4. Hang up your paper plate bauble on your wall to enjoy and to make your home festive!

Next let’s make a-

“Paper Chain Santa, Snowman and Reindeer”

You will need:

  • Construction paper strips in red, white, black & brown
  • glue stick or stapler (parent supervision needed)
  • a pom pom. You can also draw your own red nose on your reindeer (optional)

Instructions on how to make your paper chains are HERE


Now let’s get our bodies moving to the  Jingle Bells Dance! HERE



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Friday, June 5th ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Today I am reading you a funny story about a little pup called George.

Have a listen to the story Bark, George by Jules Fieffer HERE


Then see if you can answer these questions about the story.


  1. What is the first animal sound George makes?
  2. How was his mum feeling about George? Why was she feeling like this?
  3. Who did George visit for some help with the problem?
  4. Could he bark like a dog in the end? 
  5. What other language could he speak at the end? 


The weather is warming up so I found these cool, tasty recipes to make at home.


These will cool you down HERE


And THIS & THIS just looked fun to make! 


**Substitute allergy prone ingredients or just remove, but have fun enjoying your fruit in a fun way! 


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Monday May 25th~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Dear Parents & children,

How are you doing?

I’m doing fine, but one thing in particular that I miss doing with the children is singing songs.

In my class we generally always start the morning circle time with a song.

It just seems to put us in an upbeat frame of mind ready for learning.


So you guessed it, this story is a singing one. Get yourself comfortable as we  sing,

Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Iza Trapani together!


Click HERE to sing with me! 

Best wishes,

Ms Catherine X


Questions to ask:

  1. What did Itsy Bitsy climb up first?
  2. Did she try climbing up again?
  3. Whenever Itsy Bitsy was knocked down, did she give up? Why do you think this?
  4. After she reached the top of the tree, what did she do?
  5. At the end of the story Itsy Bitsy is wearing something, can spiders really wear these?


Activities to try:

Itsy Bitsy Spider puppet for fine motor play HERE

Sequencing page click HERE


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Thursday May 14th ~Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Dear Parents & children,

Happy belated “Mother’s Day” to all our wonderful mother’s in our Saint Maur community. I want to share a book by Eric Carle who celebrates mothers in our animal kingdom called, 

Does a Kangaroo have a mother too?


Please take a look and a listen HERE

*Please note: Just towards the end of my story reading there is an unintentional pause for a few seconds thanks to my internet. You can still hear me though.



Questions to ask after the story:

  1. Can you remember what animal was on the first page? A big clue, she comes from Australia! 
  2. What animal has a long neck? Why do you think they have one?
  3. Which animal lives in the ocean?
  4. Which animal has a long trunk? Why is it so long?
  5. If a male lion is called a lion, what do you call the female?
  6. What do you call a baby elephant?
  7. What is the name of a baby kangaroo? Can you remember what a mother kangaroo is called?


Activities to try:

Fun kangaroo craft click HERE 

Just print or draw, cut and assemble together.

Draw/paint like the author Eric Carle. Take a look at his life story HERE

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May 1st ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Well here we are in the month of May!

Today I am sharing my most favourite children’s story book, “The Giving Tree.” 


I believe it’s a classic.

Please click HERE and enjoy!


Ms Catherine X 


Here are some questions to answer:


  1. What type of tree did the boy play with everyday?
  2. What games did they like to play together?
  3. How did the tree want the boy to feel each time they played together?
  4. What did the boy do with all the apples he took away?
  5. What did he make with all the branches?
  6. Did the tree like that the boy was using so much of her branches and trunk? Why do you think that?
  7. When the boy grew into an old man, what did he sit on?
  8. Was the tree happy at the end of the story? Why?


Some activities to try:


Apple weaving HERE 


Let’s make “Apple Pie in a cup,” Click HERE

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April 9th- Ms Catherine’s Story time

Hello Parents & children,


I’m happy to be sharing a story with you all today called, 


The Cow That Went OINK by Bernard Most.

It’s a lovely story of two animal friends who help each other learn to speak two languages. 


Click for the story HERE 


Questions to think about and answer after the story

  1. Why did the cow say, “Oink” & the pig said, “Moo”?
  2. Why do you think the cow and the pig could sound like each other in the beginning?
  3. How would you feel if someone laughed at you when you were trying your best? 
  4. How did the cow and the pig help each other?
  5. How many languages can you speak or are you learning? 


Animals crafts

I came across this website for animal crafts and thought they were ALL good. Since, I don’t know what supplies you have at home, I thought it would be best to leave it up to you and your child to pick. 





Here is also a memory game that you can play with your family.

     1.Just print it out HERE

     2.Cut out the farm animals

     3.Mix them up and place them face down on a table.

     4.Pick up two at a time and see if you can match them.

Have fun using your memory!

Best wishes,

Ms Catherine X            


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Monday, March 30th ~ Ms. Catherine’s storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Today I’d like to read to you the story “I Went Walking” by Sue Williams & Illustrated by Julie Vivas.

As I am reading, see if you can remember the animals that the child saw on his walk and then challenge yourself to remember them in sequence!

Let me know how you go in the comments below.


I went walking click HERE


Questions to think about and answer after the story.


1.Where do you think this child lives? Why do you think that?

2.Do you think the child told his mum or day that he was going on a walk?

3.Is it important to let an adult know if you are leaving the house?

Why or why not?

4.Why do you think the animals were following him?

5.Do you think the animals know him? Can you really climb all over animals like that? Why or why not?


Activities to try:

Print out the 2 pages here, colour and cut them out.

Now mix up the pictures and see if you can put them into the same sequence as the storybook. Then staple them together to make them into a book.

For extra writing practice try rewriting the sentences by yourself.

1.If you are in Language Arts 1 (LA1) you could practice writing the beginning letter sound of each animal. An example being: c for cat & h for horse on a separate piece of paper. 


2. LA 2 children might like to practice writing out the sentences by themselves on a separate paper. Can you also think about other animals the child might have seen on her walk? Add these to your story by writing your own sentences and drawing a picture to go with them. 


Indoor Scavenger hunts

Now, another fun activity to try while we are indoors is when you can go on a scavengers hunt looking for items.

I have included some below. 


 *One you will need to look for as many objects that are the same colour. Write in the number or tick how many you can find.

Click here


*The second is with clues. Ask mum, dad or an older sibling to read these to you and see if you can find them all. 

Click here

*Mum & Dad please hide away page 2 which is the answer sheet!



Good luck! Tell me how you go in the comments below!

Best wishes,

Ms.Catherine X


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Friday March 13th~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

How are you? Haven’t we had a lot of wonderful stories and activities this week!

Today I want to share another one of my favourite stories called, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell.

Story link: Owl Babies


Can you answer these questions after the story?

  1. Where did their owl mother go in the middle of the night?
  2. What was their owl mother looking for?
  3. How do you think they were feeling when their mother was gone? How would you feel?
  4. Do you think they were safe up in the tree waiting for their mother?
  5. What did big sister Sarah suggest they do to feel safe?
  6. Did they know if their owl mother would return to the tree?
  7. Why do the owl babies have white feathers and their mother has brown feathers?
  8. Do you think their feathers will change or stay the same?
  9. Did you enjoy the story? Leave your comment down below.

Happy reading,


Here are some suggested activities to try: 

Colour by number pages:


Owl craft- Moving owl


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Wednesday, March 4th ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Today I will be reading a favourite storybook of mine called, “Edward the Emu”

It’s a popular story which I hope you enjoy!


Happy reading,



Below is the story link to watch: “Edward the Emu”



After the story here are some questions you might like to ask your child to further develop his/her comprehension skills.


Questions to ask your child after the story:

  1. Why was Edward so bored in the zoo?
  2. What did Edward do once the zookeeper went to bed?
  3. Who did he visit first?
  4. Why did he think that being a seal would be the best?
  5. What did Edward hear a visitor say over the fence?
  6. Do you think Edward could be part of the lion’s den? Why or why not? Do Emu’s like to hang from tree branches?
  7. How many animals did he visit at the zoo? 
  8. How did Edward feel when he heard a visitor say that the emu’s were the best?
  9. Who did he meet when he returned to his area in the zoo?
  10. How did Edward feel about his new friend?


Suggested activities to try: 


*Emu mask to print, colour & make: supercoloring.com/masks   



*Make some snakes that Edward visited with play dough, great for fine motor skills.

Here is a link below for a recipe that does not need cream of tartar, which is used to keep it fresh.



*Make your own “Edward the emu” by using a paper plate, pipe cleaners and bits of any brown paper or material that you have in your craft box!


*Word search worksheet– *Click on “Download for free” from this site



*Emu colouring, print out & colour your own: http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/emu-1


*Emu colouring page on-line:


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