Tuesday, May 26th ~ Ms. Mimi’s Storytime

Hello boys and girls,

Here’s a story about Mrs. McNosh who loves to do her wash. But wait!

What is she hanging on the clothesline?

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash    Please click the title.

Questions and suggested Activities:

Mrs. McNosh was quite silly hanging some of the things up on the clothesline. What did she hang up to dry? There were quite a few items.

On a piece of paper, draw a clothesline at the top. Then, draw some funny things that you want to hang up on the clothesline.  Don’t forget to use the pegs to hang them up.

Can you find what doesn’t belong in this picture?   Click here  to color the pictures and circle what doesn’t belong. (Open PDF in preview to print. )

Watch how Alicia washes using a washboard.


Do you have many pairs of socks?  Gather them, and let’s match the socks!

Can you fold a T-shirt? Take a look at this demonstration.

How to show a child to fold a T-shirt


Montessori Practical Life Lesson on folding to help fold laundry…

Have fun folding laundry at home and helping in the chores.

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