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Tuesday, February 2nd ~ Ms. Almoula’s Storytime

Hello Everyone,

Today it’s Ms. Almoula’s Story time. I’d like to share with  you ” Curious George , A winter’s nap ”

It’s so cold that Curious George wants to hibernate through the winter months! But can a monkey really sleep all winter long ??  Let’s find out …

Curious George: A Winter's Nap - By H A Rey (Paperback) : Target


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Friday, May 29th ~ Ms. Almoula’s storytime (Revised)

We are sorry that you were not able to see the story today.  It is now fixed and should be running.  Please enjoy.


Hello Everyone,

How are you  doing ? This will be my last story for you. Hope you enjoy it .

Today my story is about The Gruffalo!  Now what is this Gruffalo?

With his terrible appearance he is the scariest creature in the deep dark wood. But one brave little mouse with

a big imagination doesn’t think so!

Let’s find out how this little mouse deals with the big scary Gruffalo.


The Gruffalo -Click here to see the revised version




Activities for you to try ..

How to draw Gruffalo HERE



Guessing game ..

Animal sound game


Guess the hiding animal



Let’s have some fun dancing ! Before going into summer holidays. We can dance on this

lovely song about LOVE  ! 

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe summer ! !

Fun Hi 5 dance song L.O.V.E.


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Tuesday,May 19th, Ms. Almoula’s storytime

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to read you a story about some helpful friends and their friendship.

Title of the story is ” Bear Feels Sick ” by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman.

Hope you enjoy it !


Revised Link — Bear Feels Sick -click here to view


Some questions for you to answer…

1.  How do you know that Bear felt sick ?

2. Name the first two animals who offered to help the Bear.

3. What did Badger, Gopher and Mole do to make the Bear feel better ?

4. What did the Bear say after he felt better?

5. What happened to all his friends then?

6. What did the Bear say to all his friends at the end?

7. What would you do if your friend feel sick ?

8. How would you make him/her feel better ?


Activities for you to try…

Friendship card

Click HERE


Easy Vocabulary game

Click HERE


Quiz game ” What Am I ? ”

Click HERE


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Friday, May 8th, Ms. Almoula’s storytime

Hello everyone,

I’d like to read you this story   ” On Mother’s Lap “.  Michael enjoys rocking on his Mother’s lap.It’s even cozier when he brings his Boat, Dolly, and Puppy to snuggle with him. But what happens when Michael’s baby sister begins to cry ? Let’s find out…


On Mother’s Lap – Click here to view


Hope you can cuddle into your Mother’s lap like how Michael and his baby sister snuggled to the warmth of their Mother’s lap. Enjoy!!


Activity for you to try…

Heart flower craft HERE


Paper Flower Bouquet for mother’s day




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Monday April 27th, Mrs.Almoula’s story time.

Hello everyone,

I’m going to read you a very popular story in our Montessori classes,

” We’re going on a bear hunt ”


Since you all know this story very well, you can read along with me !!

Amazon | We're Going on a Bear Hunt | Rosen, Michael, Oxenbury ...

Click HERE to listen to the story.


Our favorite song for this story …Click HERE or on the arrow.



Some fun yoga adventure with this story for you to try…HERE or click on the arrow.






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Tuesday, April 21st~Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

How are you today!

I’m happy to be sharing a story with you all today

called, Larabee” written and illustrated by Kevin Luthardt.










Click for the story HERE

*Please note: After clicking on the link, if you see a screen that says download you can, but if you wait a little bit as it processes the file, you will be able to go directly. 

Questions to ask after the story:


1.What kind of dog do you think Larabee is?

2.Is he a working dog or a stay at home dog?

3.Why was he feeling a bit sad after delivering the mail with

Mr  Bowman?

4.Who mailed him a letter?

5.How was he feeling after he received the letter?

6.Have you ever received a fun letter? How did you feel?


Activities to try:

*I love puppets and I know children do too, so I thought this would be a great activity to make at home with some paper & coloured pens! Click HERE


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Thursday, April 16th ~ Mrs. Almoula’s Storytime

Hello everyone .    Hope you all are doing well.

I’d like to share a story with you today. My story is “Fidgety Fish” by Ruth Galloway.

Hope you enjoy it.


Best wishes,



Fidgety Fish (Ocean Adventures): Ruth Galloway: 9781680100556 ...                   Here is the story..


Let’s see if you can Retell  this story to your family members after you listen to it.

What happened in the beginning  of the story ?

What happened next ?

And then …

And then…

And what happened at the end of the story ?


Activities for you to try.

Click HERE

How To Make Paper Humpback Whale | Origami Humpback Whale | Easy Origami Tutorial
Click HERE



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REVISED ~ Friday, April 3rd ~ Mrs. Almoula’s Storytime

Thank you for your patience while we fixed the problem with Mrs. Almoula’s story.  We hope that you can watch it now.


Hello everybody,

I’m going to share with you the story, Is Your Mama a Llama?  I hope you enjoy it.

Is Your Mama a Llama?: Guarino, Deborah, Kellogg, Steven ...

Is Your Mama a Llama – click here to view


Let’s think about the story:

  1. Can you remember all the baby animals (in order) who answered baby Llama’s question “Is your mama a llama?
  2. Please try to draw the pictures of each baby animal and their mama.
  3. Draw a picture of you and your mama.


Some nice art activities:


I Love You….This Much     Card


Choose an animal you’d like to draw.  You can make a big one for the mama and a little one for you!

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Wednesday, March 18 – Mrs. Almoula’s Story Time

Hello everyone,
I’d like to share a story with you today and my story is “Brave Little Bear” by Rory Tyger.  I hope you enjoy it.
After listening to the story, let’s see if you can answer the questions below.
Here are the questions.  Can you answer them?
1.  How many different funny noises Newton heard at night ?
2.  What kind of noise the closet door made?
3.  What kind of noise the window curtains made?
4.  What kind of noise the bathroom faucet made?
5.  What kind of noise Newton’s tummy made?
6.  What did Newton do to stop his rumbling tummy?
7.  Do you think Newton was a Brave Little Bear ? Why?
Here is a story/song you may want to listen and sing along to:

Also, with the help of your parents, you can try the crafts activities below:
Paper Plate Animal Crafts


I hope you enjoyed today’s story and crafts.

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Monday,March 9th, Ms.Almoula’s story time.

Hello everyone,

Today it’s Ms.Almoula’s story time. I’d like to share with you “Over in the Meadow ” story by Jane Cabrera. In this story we will learn some rhyming words. I hope you enjoy it.


Click here for Over In the Meadow



After listening to the story ,let’s see if you can say all the words that rhymes with the numbers 1 to 10.


Here are two songs that the children know from all classes:

Be My Echo by Frank Leto


Color Song by Frank Leto


You can also make a list of rhyming words with your family ! To help you with that ,please listen to this song Down by the Bay.


Here is a craft activity you can do–How to make a paper plate turtle:




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