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Final Principal’s Challenge

Thank you families for helping your children join in my challenges. This will be our final challenge and it is very bitter-sweet. I hope you have enjoyed joining in and look forward to seeing your children’s ideas.

Thank you for joining me on our challenge each week. I have loved seeing your creations, especially your construction challenge and sharing your hidden talents! They were big highlights for me!

For your final challenge, you will be getting creative for the Cougar Cafe. Check this week’s slides to find out what you will be doing.

Remember to share your mural design in the Montessori folder.

Happy Wednesday Everyone and enjoy your summer!

Surprise Guest on the Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s challenge is a sports day challenge. Mr Hitchman has created a Bingo exercise challenge for you to enjoy today. You can do the exercises as many times as you want, all you will need is to bring all your energy with you. Please use the slides (and instructional videos) to see today’s challenge. I hope you have fun!

Please use the folder to share your challenge today.

Good Luck and enjoy!


Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

This week’s challenge is to use newspaper to build something of your choice. Please use the slides to see some ideas and an example that I built. You will need newspaper and tape to join in this week.

Remember to share your creations in the folder.

Good Luck and have fun!

Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

   This week’s challenge is to share our talents. Please use the slides to help you with your ideas. If you have trouble viewing any of the videos, I have added the links in the slides. I can’t wait to see and celebrate your talents, hidden or otherwise.


Have fun Everyone

Share your talent here!

Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to the first Principal’s challenge for Montessori. Please open the slides and the instructional video for today’s challenge. I look forward to seeing examples of the learning you will be doing at home today. Remember to have fun and be creative when making your pasta faces. I hope you will be able to take some pictures of you art and with some help from an adult, share them with your teachers.


Happy Wednesday