Friday, February 5th ~ Guest Reader

Hello everyone,

We have another Guest Reader today.  Would you like to another guest from the following clues?

  • Until last school year, she worked in the Montessori.
  • This year, she works in the main building.
  • We all see her once a week in the library where she helps us check in and out books.
  • Some of us see her twice a week more in the 4 year old movement class.

Did you guess who she is?   Watch and listen to her story and find out!!

Amazon | Frankie Works the Night Shift | Peters, Lisa Westberg, Taylor, Jennifer | Cats

Click here.


Thank you Ms. Hoshi for being our Guest Reader.  Ms. Hoshi is our Assistant Librarian and our Movement teacher for the 4 year old group.  We hope you guessed right and enjoyed the story.

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Thursday, February 4th ~ Ms Momo’s Storytime

Hello children,
This is Ms. Momo’s story called “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Won’t-Take-a-Bath-Cure.
Hopefully you all enjoy taking a bath and staying nice and clean otherwise your mommies and daddies might have to call Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.
Enjoy 🙂
Amazon | Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Won'T-Take-A-Bath Cure (Mrs. Piggle-wiggle Adventures) | MacDonald, Betty, Whatley, Bruce | Children's Books                         Click here.

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Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

For today’s challenge you will be making something that floats. It can be any shape you want and should be able to float and hold or balance a small, plastic toy on it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy building your floats.

Please use the slides to see more about the challenge and share your creations in the Montessori folder.

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs Forbes-Dias

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Tuesday, February 2nd ~ Ms. Almoula’s Storytime

Hello Everyone,

Today it’s Ms. Almoula’s Story time. I’d like to share with  you ” Curious George , A winter’s nap ”

It’s so cold that Curious George wants to hibernate through the winter months! But can a monkey really sleep all winter long ??  Let’s find out …

Curious George: A Winter's Nap - By H A Rey (Paperback) : Target

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Monday, February 1st ~ Ms. Barbara’s Storytime


Hi everyone, today my story is Little Quack’s New Friend – hope you enjoy it.

Ms Barbara


Amazon | Little Quack's New Friend (Classic Board Books) | Thompson, Lauren, Anderson, Derek | New Experiences

 Click here to watch and listen to the story.



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Friday, January 29th ~ Guest Reader

We have a Guest Reader today!!  Before you take a look, can you guess who it is?  Here are some clues…

  • We see her once a week on a Thursday.
  • She is in the main building.
  • She loves books and is surrounded by them.
  • She is our school librarian.

Did you guess who it is?  Now listen to the story and find out!!

Amazon | Elmer and the Lost Treasure (Elmer Picture Books) | McKee, David | Friendship    Click here to watch .



Did you enjoy it?

Thank you Ms. Schumacher for reading to us!!

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Thursday, January 28th ~ Ms. Mimi’s Storytime

Hello boys and girls,

Did you know that your set of teeth are called baby teeth ( or milk teeth)?  Some of you are starting to lose your baby teeth, which will be replaced by a set of grown-up teeth ( or permanent teeth).  It’s very exciting when the tooth gets wibbly and wobbly, isn’t it?

This book is about William who wanted so much to have a wobbly tooth,  When his tooth finally comes out, he has an amazing story to tell everyone.

“Wibble Wobble”   Written by Miriam Moss, illustrated by Joanna Mockler

Click HERE

When you lose your front teeth, give everyone a big smile!!  They’ll love your smile!!



Do you know how many teeth you have?  The children have 20 teeth (10 upper and 10 lower teeth).  Open your mouth wide in front of the mirror and count the lower teeth.  Do you have 10 lower teeth?  Your mom and dad, and grown-ups have 32, including 4 wisdom teeth (16  upper and 16 lower teeth).

Be careful not to lose your tooth when they fall out.  You can put your lost tooth under your pillow, and maybe a tooth fairy will find it and leave you with something else.  When will your next tooth get wobbly?   Till then, take good care of your teeth, and brush your teeth carefully every day!



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Principal’s Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

This week’s challenge is to make a meal or dish to eat with your family. I have shared an example meal called 15’s that I made. You can choose to make the same thing I made or you can make something different that you (or someone at home) really likes.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your dishes. Remember to share a photo (or video) to the folder.

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs Forbes-Dias

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Tuesday, January 26th- Ms Catherine’s Storytime

G’day Parents and children!

Today is Australia Day in my home country! 26th January


So I thought it would fun to read you a story that was sent to me all the way from Australia from my mum.

It’s called, Dingo in the dark. Click HERE


It’s about a young dingo, which is a wild native dog to Australia. He is terribly scared of the dark, but soon comes to realise with the help of his night time friends, that he is never alone and does not need to feel scared.

Enjoy listening along to the story!

Ms Catherine

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Monday, January 25th ~ Ms. Sallie’s Storytime

Hello everyone,

I’m going to be reading you a story about a baby bear visiting the moon.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s called “Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy.

Whatever Next! (JY) : コスモピア・オンラインショップ

Click here to watch.


If you were going to the moon, what would you make your rocket out of? What would you wear and what would you take?  It’s fun to use our imagination, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed the story!!


Moon and Stars Border | Designer Stencils | Star stencil, Stencil patterns, Stencils printables

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