Monday, June 1st, Ms Barbara’s Storytelling

Hi everybody,


Today I’m reading to you another story about a fish.   The fish in last weeks story lived in a fish tank like the fish at school.

But this story is about a fish that lives in the ocean.

This book is  from Hawaii called Humu’s Colorful Ocean.  Hawaii is a beautiful island in the middle of the

ocean that many people like to visit.

This will be my last story, so hope you enjoy it.



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When you go to Hawaii you are greeted with a necklace made out of flowers called a lei.

Girls and boys also wear leis on special occasions.

Let’s make one.


There are many sea creatures in the ocean.  This summer if you are able to go to the ocean or maybe even

an aquarium you might be able to see them.

Here are pictures of the sea creatures that were in the story.

Red Urchin







Blenny Fish





Aren’t they all beautiful?  Let’s keep the ocean clean for all the living creatures in the ocean.



And of course, a song


And here’s a Hawaiian song


Have a nice summer – BYE

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