Friday March 13th~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

How are you? Haven’t we had a lot of wonderful stories and activities this week!

Today I want to share another one of my favourite stories called, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell.

Story link: Owl Babies

Can you answer these questions after the story?

  1. Where did their owl mother go in the middle of the night?
  2. What was their owl mother looking for?
  3. How do you think they were feeling when their mother was gone? How would you feel?
  4. Do you think they were safe up in the tree waiting for their mother?
  5. What did big sister Sarah suggest they do to feel safe?
  6. Did they know if their owl mother would return to the tree?
  7. Why do the owl babies have white feathers and their mother has brown feathers?
  8. Do you think their feathers will change or stay the same?
  9. Did you enjoy the story? Leave your comment down below.

Happy reading,


Here are some suggested activities to try: 

Colour by number pages:

Owl craft- Moving owl

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