Friday, June 5th ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Today I am reading you a funny story about a little pup called George.

Have a listen to the story Bark, George by Jules Fieffer HERE


Then see if you can answer these questions about the story.


  1. What is the first animal sound George makes?
  2. How was his mum feeling about George? Why was she feeling like this?
  3. Who did George visit for some help with the problem?
  4. Could he bark like a dog in the end? 
  5. What other language could he speak at the end? 


The weather is warming up so I found these cool, tasty recipes to make at home.


These will cool you down HERE


And THIS & THIS just looked fun to make! 


**Substitute allergy prone ingredients or just remove, but have fun enjoying your fruit in a fun way! 


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