Wednesday, March 4th ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Today I will be reading a favourite storybook of mine called, “Edward the Emu”

It’s a popular story which I hope you enjoy!


Happy reading,



Below is the story link to watch: “Edward the Emu”


After the story here are some questions you might like to ask your child to further develop his/her comprehension skills.


Questions to ask your child after the story:

  1. Why was Edward so bored in the zoo?
  2. What did Edward do once the zookeeper went to bed?
  3. Who did he visit first?
  4. Why did he think that being a seal would be the best?
  5. What did Edward hear a visitor say over the fence?
  6. Do you think Edward could be part of the lion’s den? Why or why not? Do Emu’s like to hang from tree branches?
  7. How many animals did he visit at the zoo? 
  8. How did Edward feel when he heard a visitor say that the emu’s were the best?
  9. Who did he meet when he returned to his area in the zoo?
  10. How did Edward feel about his new friend?


Suggested activities to try: 


*Emu mask to print, colour & make:   



*Make some snakes that Edward visited with play dough, great for fine motor skills.

Here is a link below for a recipe that does not need cream of tartar, which is used to keep it fresh.


*Make your own “Edward the emu” by using a paper plate, pipe cleaners and bits of any brown paper or material that you have in your craft box!


*Word search worksheet– *Click on “Download for free” from this site


*Emu colouring, print out & colour your own:


*Emu colouring page on-line:

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