April 9th- Ms Catherine’s Story time

Hello Parents & children,


I’m happy to be sharing a story with you all today called, 


The Cow That Went OINK by Bernard Most.

It’s a lovely story of two animal friends who help each other learn to speak two languages. 


Click for the story HERE 


Questions to think about and answer after the story

  1. Why did the cow say, “Oink” & the pig said, “Moo”?
  2. Why do you think the cow and the pig could sound like each other in the beginning?
  3. How would you feel if someone laughed at you when you were trying your best? 
  4. How did the cow and the pig help each other?
  5. How many languages can you speak or are you learning? 


Animals crafts

I came across this website for animal crafts and thought they were ALL good. Since, I don’t know what supplies you have at home, I thought it would be best to leave it up to you and your child to pick. 





Here is also a memory game that you can play with your family.

     1.Just print it out HERE

     2.Cut out the farm animals

     3.Mix them up and place them face down on a table.

     4.Pick up two at a time and see if you can match them.

Have fun using your memory!

Best wishes,

Ms Catherine X            


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