May 1st ~ Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

Well here we are in the month of May!

Today I am sharing my most favourite children’s story book, “The Giving Tree.” 


I believe it’s a classic.

Please click HERE and enjoy!


Ms Catherine X 


Here are some questions to answer:


  1. What type of tree did the boy play with everyday?
  2. What games did they like to play together?
  3. How did the tree want the boy to feel each time they played together?
  4. What did the boy do with all the apples he took away?
  5. What did he make with all the branches?
  6. Did the tree like that the boy was using so much of her branches and trunk? Why do you think that?
  7. When the boy grew into an old man, what did he sit on?
  8. Was the tree happy at the end of the story? Why?


Some activities to try:


Apple weaving HERE 


Let’s make “Apple Pie in a cup,” Click HERE

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