We’ll add links to resources here as the year progresses. 

Our fantastic librarians, Ms. Schumacher and Ms. Hoshi, have arranged for access to tons books online from home or anywhere with your own device. It requires a free app download that gives you access to books galore! I love it and have used it to borrow many books myself. You will even find Sakura Medal books and audiobooks in the eLibrary. All the information you need to get started is on the library blog.

Each student in 3G has a Mathletics account for exploring and practicing math concepts covered in third grade. If anyone loses track of their login credentials, please get in touch with me. Mathletics is a very fun way to interactive with math online!

Typing Club is a free resource for students to practice their keyboarding skills. Lessons are progressive and 3G students each have access to the free services through their Saint Maur/Google login. Students can access Typing Club through the link on this page or through the 3G Google Classroom assignment under the Technology tab. is another free site we have been using to improve our keyboarding. Some students prefer this over Typing Club. 3G students can continue working with whatever site suits them.