Group Collaboration

3rd graders learn to do their best individual work, but also to collaborate effectively in teams. This week, 3G worked on two group projects that highlighted the strengths of our multi-talented class.

3G Investigates Milk

In IPC, we dug deep into learning about states of matter – solids, liquids, and gases. We started applying our science knowledge to milk as we began exploring how it changes into ice cream, butter, or cheese. Groups investigated how milk reacts as we manipulate it with simple tools, then recorded our findings in our notebooks and on posters.

The class also produced math anchor charts this week. Students combined efforts to demonstrate understanding of number sense, place value, and rounding. The anchor charts are now displayed in our classroom to remind students of key concepts at a glance.

Book Tasting

Before we moved to online learning, 3G had a chance to sample several different genres of books at our Book Tasting Cafe. 📚

Students “tasted” mystery, fantasy, realistic fiction, biography, and informational books. We wrote notes about some of the most attractive features of each genre and made lists of books to dig into later. There are a lot of books to look forward to reading this year!

Some of our fiction library

Getting Started

We had a busy first week of school in 3G. I was so excited and involved that I forgot to take lots of pictures. That will probably be a recurring theme. 😅

Saint Maur is a restorative justice school, so we think deeply about how our actions affect others. This week, 3G started collaborating on our shared vision for a PAX classroom. PAX is one tool we use to maintain a happy, peaceful, and productive classroom.

Already breaking the rules!

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Yay!

3G has PE tomorrow, which usually means we would wear our PE uniforms to school. HOWEVER, we’re already breaking the rules. Students should wear their summer uniforms tomorrow and carry their PE shoes (for the indoor gym use only) with them. This is special for the first day of school only.

Tomorrow, we have some special photo opportunities, so all students will wear their white summer uniforms.

Getting ready…

The school year is about to begin! In these waning days of summer, I am eagerly preparing to welcome a new group of students to 3G.