Sports Day 2019

Monday, November 4th, the Elementary School celebrated our annual Sports Day. The students participated in a variety of activities. They all tried their hardest and showed wonderful sportsmanship. Well done everyone!


Field Trip: Sweet Potato Digging

This week the Grade 3 classes went sweet potato digging as part of our IPC unit. We have been learning about food, where it comes from, and how it grows. One of the parent chaperones kindly created a little video of our experience. Thank you so much!


Unit 1 Writing Celebration

This week in Grade 3 the students set aside a period to celebrate their writing. Since the beginning of the school year they have been using the writing process to craft personal narratives. They have planned, drafted, revisited, edited, and finally published their writing. They were able to share their writing with all of their Grade 3 peers.

The 3B students celebrated their successes and received another stamp in their learning passports. Well done!


Maths: Sorting Data

Last week in Maths we began learning about data. The 3B students have been developing questions, collecting data, and organising it so that they can answer their original questions. Today we returned to our questions, observed the data, and explained our findings.



The Gummy Bear Experiment

The Gummy Bear Experiment

In IPC we are learning about the scientific method.

First, we asked the question: What will happen when we put a gummy bear in water?

Next, the students agreed on two hypotheses:

  1. We think the gummy bear will shrink
  2. We think the color will change


We observed that the red gummy bear in 3G and the green gummy bear in 3B both dissolved in the water. We also noted that the color of the gummy bears faded. Our conclusion:

When we put gummy bears into water for two days they lost their form and their color.

From there we expanded our experiment and observed five different gummy bear experiments!  We soaked them in: soda water, salt water, sugar water, baking soda water, and lemon water. What data did we collect? What did we conclude? Ask a 3B student to find out!

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3B Assembly: Stephanie’s Ponytail

The 3B Assembly

This week, 3B class had the exciting opportunity to host an assembly. The students reenacted one of their favourite classroom stories, Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch.

The 3B students made connections between the events of Stephanie’s Ponytail and the school theme for the year:


In the story, Stephanie’s classmates make fun of her hairstyles but the very next day they are copying her! Stephanie is frustrated and tricks her classmates into shaving their heads.

Here are some important lessons we have learned from this story:


“I learned that we are all different people.”



“I learned that we shouldn’t be mean to others.”



“I learned that I should show kindness. If I like something someone has I should compliment them.”

Student Council: Ecocaps

The Elementary School Student Council will be collecting for EcoCaps again this year. Please save and wash your pet bottle caps and send them to school. Each classroom will have a collection bucket in place for your contributions.

Thank you!

Reading with Buddies

Making Connections

In 3B we are learning to read with a buddy. Buddy reading can be so much more than reading a book with a friend. Today we practiced making connections in our books and voicing our discoveries to our partners.

We can make many different types of connections in our reading:

Text to self

“I remember when this happened to me…”

Text to media

“I watched a movie with a similar storyline…”

Text to text

“This reminds me of something that happened in another book I read…”