Japanese Culture Day

March 22 was Japanese Culture Day! We had the opportunity to enjoy origami folding, top competitions, dress up, special assemblies, a potluck lunch, and aikido. Grade 3 even created some art to contribute to the celebratory day!

Thank you to the Japanese Department for organizing such a fantastic day.



G3 Field Trip: Hamagin Space & Science Center

Last week all of Grade 3 had the opportunity to visit Hamagin Space and Science Center. This field trip was tied in with our inventions unit of IPC.

Enduring Understanding: Inventions are continually change the world.

Essential Questions:

What are inventions and where do they come from?

Why do people create new inventions?

How have inventions impacted the world?


Visiting Musician

Recently, musician/singer/songwriter Kathryn Claire visited the Elementary students to lead them in musical numbers and lessons in songwriting. The students enjoyed live music and learning about song writing.

The Grade 3 students had the exciting opportunity to compose a song of their own! Check it out:





Fun Day: Benchball Tournament

For our January 25th Fun Day, the Grade 3 and 4 classes merged together into teams for a friendly Benchball tournament in the gymnasium. Each team had the opportunity to work together and compete in two energetic and competitive heats.

Thank you Grades 3 & 4 for your excellent sportsmanship!


Gr. 3 Christmas Performance

O Come, All Ye Faithful!

For the Elementary Christmas Production this year, Grade 3 performed a short Nativity skit. Storyteller’s used their own words to discuss the Christmas stories, while the angels, shepherds, sheep, kings, and Mary & Joseph brought the story to life.

Their lively and bright performance brought smiles to all! Incredible work, Grade 3!


The storytellers:


The angels:

The shepherds:

The sheep:


The three kings, Mary, and Joseph (and the baby Jesus):



The Sakura Medal Reading Challenge

It is Sakura Medal season again! Every year the incoming Grade 3 students are faced with a new and exciting challenge: chapter books.

The students may select from 20 different books that are Sakura Medal candidates. If they can read a minimum of five books, the students can vote for the Sakura Medal winner for the season.

This year the students in 3RB have decided to create and participate in a Sakura Medal challenge. We are pushing ourselves to read as many of the 20 books as possible! We can hardly wait to get started!

To learn more about the Sakura Medal books, please check out the Saint MaurĀ Sakura blog.