IPC: Visits from Meiji & Kewpie Co.

For our Shake It! IPC unit we were visited by representatives of Meiji and Kewpie Co. On the first day with Meiji reps we learned all about about milk and the importance of a healthy diet. Afterwards we learned how to make our very own lemon lassies using milk, lemon, and sweetener.

The next day we welcomed Kewpie representatives who taught us all about the magic of mayonnaise! Afterwards we all learned how to make mayonnaise from scratch! We had so much fun!

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IPC: Making Butter

In IPC we have been learning about liquids and solids and the ways that they can change their form. This week the Grade 3 the students transformed cream (a liquid) into butter (a solid).

Step 1: Fill a container with cream.


Step 2: Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!


Step 3: Enjoy tasty fresh butter!

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IPC: Shake it!

This week the Grade 3 students began a new IPC unit: Shake it!

In this unit we will be exploring solids, liquids, and gases and conducting a variety of interesting (and sometimes messy) experiments including churning milk into butter! Here are few of the big questions we seek to answer in our unit:






We began our new unit with a pre-assessment activity. We provided each student with a set of images of different kinds of food and drink (solids and liquids) and asked them to study their images and create categories. Some categories the students created were: dairy/non-dairy, healthy/not healthy, natural/altered by humans. It was interesting to see the different ways everyone organise their images.


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Field Trip: Sweet Potato Digging

This week the Grade 3 classes went sweet potato digging as part of our IPC unit. We have been learning about food, where it comes from, and how it grows. One of the parent chaperones kindly created a little video of our experience. Thank you so much!


The Gummy Bear Experiment

The Gummy Bear Experiment

In IPC we are learning about the scientific method.

First, we asked the question: What will happen when we put a gummy bear in water?

Next, the students agreed on two hypotheses:

  1. We think the gummy bear will shrink
  2. We think the color will change


We observed that the red gummy bear in 3G and the green gummy bear in 3B both dissolved in the water. We also noted that the color of the gummy bears faded. Our conclusion:

When we put gummy bears into water for two days they lost their form and their color.

From there we expanded our experiment and observed five different gummy bear experiments!  We soaked them in: soda water, salt water, sugar water, baking soda water, and lemon water. What data did we collect? What did we conclude? Ask a 3B student to find out!

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G3 Field Trip: Hamagin Space & Science Center

Last week all of Grade 3 had the opportunity to visit Hamagin Space and Science Center. This field trip was tied in with our inventions unit of IPC.

Enduring Understanding: Inventions are continually change the world.

Essential Questions:

What are inventions and where do they come from?

Why do people create new inventions?

How have inventions impacted the world?