International Day

October 16th was International Day! As a school we celebrated the wealth of countries and cultures that make up our Saint Maur community. Students came to school in outfits that celebrated their own countries or countries they have lived in or admire.

We started our day with a parade and a photo shoot:



Throughout the day we has parent visitors come to our Grade and share a bit about their own cultures.


We learned about France…


…and Mexico!

We also had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious potluck and a fantastic film.

Thank you parents, teachers, and students for making International Day a great success!


Collecting data and creating bar graphs

In Grade 3, we have been developing survey questions and collecting data. This morning we took the data we collected and presented our findings in the form of bar graphs. Please enjoy some of our work and reflections:

“We discovered that in 3RB the most popular carnival food is cotton candy.”


“We found out that more students in 3RB prefer to read Judy Moody and Dog Man.”


“We learned that in 3RB more students like P.E. than other subjects.”


“We discovered that an equal amount of people like cotton candy and cake.”


“Something that we see is that Robert Munsch books are a little more popular.”

A walk in the park…

Sometimes it is important to stop and appreciate the great outdoors.

This week, the sunny weather and fresh air beckoned to us and so we seized the moment to go explore outside. We enjoyed the exercise and appreciated the bugs, leaves, and other natural wonders we encountered on our walk.