Unique Individuals are filled with interesting thoughts and ideas. They are happy to share what is on their minds with others. They discover new ways to grow creatively and enjoy being inspiration to others.

Moral Citizens care about fairness, honesty and trust. They know what is the right thing and stand up for people who need their help. They take responsibility for their actions and understand that actions have consequences.

Global Citizens are considerate of the cultures and traditions of people from around the world. They often speak more than one language and enjoy being part of a variety of cultural communities.

Balanced Learners know how to create balance between school work and activities outside of school. They understand the importance of sleep, healthy foods and exercise and how it affects their learning.

Life Long Learners are:

  • Good communicators. They know how to express themselves clearly and confidently.
  • Inquirers. They know how to ask thoughtful questions and find answers.
  • Collaborative. They can work well with partners or in groups by contributing thoughts and ideas and communicating openly.
  • Resilient. They keep working, looking for many ways to find a solution. They don’t give up until they have succeeded.
  • Reflective. They think about what they already know and how it might help them accomplish future goals.
  • Open-minded. They are good listeners and think about what they have learned without judgement.