Maths: Sorting Data

Last week in Maths we began learning about data. The 3B students have been developing questions, collecting data, and organising it so that they can answer their original questions. Today we returned to our questions, observed the data, and explained our findings.



Maths: Multiplication & Arrays

We are currently learning about multiplication in our maths unit. The 3RB students have been learning to create arrays to help them find the factors of a number. Check out some of their work below!

Vocabulary words:

  • Array
  • Dimension
  • Factor

Collecting data and creating bar graphs

In Grade 3, we have been developing survey questions and collecting data. This morning we took the data we collected and presented our findings in the form of bar graphs. Please enjoy some of our work and reflections:

“We discovered that in 3RB the most popular carnival food is cotton candy.”


“We found out that more students in 3RB prefer to read Judy Moody and Dog Man.”


“We learned that in 3RB more students like P.E. than other subjects.”


“We discovered that an equal amount of people like cotton candy and cake.”


“Something that we see is that Robert Munsch books are a little more popular.”

3B Round Up

Maths: Fractions

We are learning about fractions! We have been learning how to share an divide delicious treats such as brownies into equal portions. We have also been studying equivalent fractions. One rainy day we kicked off our wet shoes and spent time playing with our fraction pieces, experimenting with equivalent fractions:



SWI: Fractions

During a maths lesson one of the Grade 3 students developed a question: “We know that <-ion> is a suffix, so does that make <fract> the base word?” The students discussed this question for a few moments, unsure if <fract> could be a word by itself. We wrote down the question and delved deeper at our next SWI session.

The students began their investigation by observing the word <fractions> and going through the four investigation questions to help guide their study.

After we spend some time looking at our word and going through the questions, we recorded the hypotheses and data that we had collected. Here are some answers that the students provided:

The investigation is still taking place and the students have developed a further question: “Does a base word need to mean something when it is by itself, or can the meaning come when affixes are added?”

Writer’s Workshop: Fairytale Drama

3B students have been crafting and writing fairytale adaptations! As they develop their story telling voices, the students have been asked to work together in groups to create and act out their own dramatic retelling of fairytales.

The students are enjoying the process of developing scripts and practicing their lines so that their voices and actions help to tell the story.


Reader’s Workshop: Research Presentations

The students have formed research groups to study their animal topics of choice.  They must work together to study a range of subtopics, sort through a variety of resources, and use technology to create a presentation to share with their classmates.

Each group is working on communicating so that they can collaborate on their shared presentation. In their own groups they have decided which task each member will handle so that they are making good use of their time. Their presentations are going to be awesome!

Maths: Surveys and Bar Graphs

This week in 3B, groups of students developed a series of survey questions. They popped next door to visit our buddies in 3F and collect data. Some of these questions included:

  • What book series do you like?
  • What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
  • What place at home do you like to play the best?


Once the data had been collected, the students were ready to create their own bar graphs to represent the data that they collected. Check out some of their fabulous bar graphs in the images below: