SWI: Investigating the <-ed> suffix.

Grade 3 have done it again! Our amazing Word Detectives took a word inquiry case, sniffed out the clues, developed hypotheses and drew conclusions.

As we were reading from a class book some of the students noticed something interested about words that had the <-ed> suffix. They were not always pronounced the same way! This discovery led the students to create their investigation question:


When asked how they would begin their investigation, the students discussed their options and decided that the first step should be data collection. They determined the best way to study the <-ed> suffix would be to collect as many words as they knew with <-ed>.

They pooled their knowledge to create an extensive vocabulary list. Afterwards, they shared their words with their partners while paying close attentions to the phonemes (sounds) connected to each of their <-ed> words.



After writing and saying all of their words, the the Grade 3 Investigators created a hypothesis and presented many examples to back up their claim.

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