Friday, February 5th ~ Guest Reader

Hello everyone,

We have another Guest Reader today.  Would you like to another guest from the following clues?

  • Until last school year, she worked in the Montessori.
  • This year, she works in the main building.
  • We all see her once a week in the library where she helps us check in and out books.
  • Some of us see her twice a week more in the 4 year old movement class.

Did you guess who she is?   Watch and listen to her story and find out!!

Amazon | Frankie Works the Night Shift | Peters, Lisa Westberg, Taylor, Jennifer | Cats

Click here.


Thank you Ms. Hoshi for being our Guest Reader.  Ms. Hoshi is our Assistant Librarian and our Movement teacher for the 4 year old group.  We hope you guessed right and enjoyed the story.

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