Welcome to the new school year!


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Welcome to a new school year and to our Saint Maur Family! We are heading into our third week of school and already our new classmates have shown signs of settling well into their new school environment.

So far we have six new classmates who have been gradually getting to know both the class routine and their classmates and teachers names.

The beauty of a Montessori classroom is when the older support and help the younger and/or new friends who are unsure at first. It also reinforces and revisits past skills for our older students and builds self confidence for all.

I want to share a snap shot of the children working in the first weeks of school. In a Montessori classroom we call what the children do with his/her activities, “work.” Just like a mother or father goes to work, the child’s work is to learn, refine and develop their skills & abilities along with important social skills in a supportive learning environment.


Language Arts activities


Practicing and refining pencil control


Practical Life activity- caring for the classroom


Summer craft time!


The Spindle Box- Working with numbers, quantities and the concept that ‘0’ is nothing.


Rainbow number writing practice with the Montessori sandpaper numerals.


Free indoor play time

Looking forward to sharing all the activities, events and learning that this academic year brings!

Last days of school….


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With the end of school today, this academic year it has seen our students learn and grow in their abilities and in how they relate and socialise with each other.

Working in the classroom each morning the children have been keen to practice and attain newly learnt skills. Here is a snapshot of our amazing students engaged in diverse activities leading up to our last day together.

Practical Life– pegboard

Language Arts– reading with a friend!

Language Arts– writing word lists

Mathematics– 100 board counting on the Montessori app

Cultural Area– observing and touching diverse shells

Manipulate work– refining fine-motor skills and creativity

Puzzle work– Springtime butterfly

Mathematics-Decimal system activity: Extension activity called, “The birds eye view.”

Language Arts– Sharing a story that the students collaborated on together with story writing and illustrating.

Language Arts– Sandpaper letter/sound association

Mathematics– Teens work: 11-19 counting

Art– Drawing a picture to share with her mum!

Mathematics– Decimal system activity learning units, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Language Arts– word puzzles

Cultural area– Japan puzzle map

Manipulative work-magnetic connectors



It’s been a year of learning, growing and experiencing activities with our classmates and teachers. All the best to our friends who are leaving us to new places or moving back to their home country. We will always cherish your friendship.

Enjoy your summer break!

-Ms. C & Mrs. A XX

It was a wonderful year together!

Kazenoko Theatre Group Performance


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On Monday May 7th the “Kazenoko Theatre Company” visited our school for a second time to perform two shows of what was entitled: 

Kazenoko Bazaar : 3 folk tales from the “Kazenoko Bazaar” – from Italy, Myanmar, and Russia 

A huge thank you goes to our PSG (Parent Support Group) who kindly funded this event for both the Montessori & Elementary students.

Our students were mesmorised…..

What a culturally enriching experience for our students from the Kazenoko theatre group. Many students loved sharing their favourite and funniest scenes with each other. Although it was performed in Japanese, the actors conveyed the story so well that we could all understand and laugh along.







Grade 4-read with a buddy visit


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On April 23rd the grade 4 students came for a visit during our Daily 5 sessions to read with us. It really showcased our school theme of, “Communication & Collaboration” in action.

While the grade 4 students read to the Montessori students, our pre-firsts also practiced their reading skills on the grade 4 students.


In the season of Spring…..


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The season of Spring in Japan is truly a celebration of new life with cherry blossoms blooming wherever you go.

During this season we were busy bees engaging in a variety of activities.

Hinamatsuri craft- Girls’ Day March 3rd

We got creative and made our own girls’s day craft by colouring, cutting and piecing together all our parts to form the Emperor and Empress of Japan. We also taste tested sweets that are eaten on this day called, alale, made of puffed pink, green and white rice.

Spring crafts

Who doesn’t enjoy making their own bunch of spring flowers?

The children had to observe and then follow simple directions of where to cut and paste to create this craft. We all did so very well with it.

Student Art Exhibit

We enjoyed an art exhibit by a senior student who shared her display with the Montessori and 1st grade students  up on our roof playground for a day. The photography was centred around the theme of: Children’s Dreams and Imagination.

Below the student explains the ideas around her display.

Spring concert

Mrs Almoula and I worked with the older pre-first students on their spring concert dance, which was Indian inspired. They learnt how to coordinate both their own movements and with a partner on stage.

The children took to the dance instantly and did so well on concert day! They also dressed in traditional Indian attire, which looked amazing!

Tango no sekku-Boy’s Day (May 5th)

We had fun creating our very own boy’s day craft and ate tasty sweets that are traditionally eaten on the day. The children learnt that the leaf of the kashiwa tree is wrapped around compressed rice balls that are filled with sweetened red azuki beans. It was a popular taste testing experience and the first for some which got a thumbs up!

Mothers’ Day crafts

Refining our skills for colouring, cutting, pasting and writing. So much love went into each and every Mother’s day craft. We hope our mothers’ enjoyed their unique gift of love.

Haven’t we been busy bees! What will we be up to learning, experiencing and sharing next month!

Emotions Theme


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The theme for the beginning of the year focused on “Emotions.” Learning how to both interact with others outside of our family and socially handle ourselves with our peers and adults as a young child is an important life skill.

We made some crafts to work on the “Emotions” theme and to refine and strengthen our:

*Ability to listen to and follow directions

*Eye-hand coordination for cutting, gluing and piecing together parts

*Pencil control and developing correct pencil grip while colouring in

Ultimately at the end of making our “mood bears” we felt a sense of accomplishment in being able to make something of our own creation.


Sharing stories about our emotions was also a good way for us to lead into the theme and to discuss how the characters in the story handled themself.

We also talked about how we as individuals would react in different situations and if what was done to the characters in the stories was morally right or wrong. The core learning was to try and recognise how our emotions can affect others around us and how we as unique individuals (Saint Maur Essential Outcome-SMEOS) could maybe handle different situations in supportive ways with others.

Our morning song & Kyogen


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In the Montessori school we are fortunate to have the whole week dedicated to classroom presentations of Japanese activities and experiences offered by our classroom parents. However, for the rest of the school they have an entire day for Japanese Culture, that we are also involved in with them. We began the day by singing the opening song of, Te o Tataki Masho for everyone in the auditorium and then showed off our cultural costumes with a photo taking time for our parents.

All lined up and ready to head to the auditorium.

A sneak peek behind stage!

The curtain is about to go up!

Smile and pose for the camera!

Afterwards we were invited to stay and watch Kyogen, a form of traditional old Japanese comedy. It is an art form that is over 600 years old!


What a treat to watch such artists at work. After the short performance the children were invited to practice some of the ways a Kyogen performer would express themselves both verbally with their voices and physically move with their bodies. Not an easy task, but good to have a try!

Japanese Culture Week 2018


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This years Japanese Culture Week’s presentations prepared by our classroom mother’s were a whole lot of fun. We were not only sharing experiences with other, but also building community amongst both students and adults. We really lived out this years school’s theme of: Communication & Collaboration.

We also came together as a class to farewell our classmate Trin, who will be returning to his home country.

We were involved in presentations for:

*Koma (spinning tops)

*Daruma san ga Koronda (traditional Japanese game)

*Kami sumo

*Kamishibai-(Japanese storytelling)-“Eto” Japanese zodiac sign

KOMA-Spinning tops



DARUMA SAN GA KORNDA (traditional Japanese game)

We listened to instructions on how to play the game, “Daruma san ga Koronda.”

Enoal, Tomonori & Serina’s mum gave us a demonstration.

Then we had a try for ourselves!

It took us a few times to fully understand the rules of the game and even more time to follow the rules, but we all managed to have a turn and enjoyed playing the game with our classmates.

Kami sumo (paper sumo game)

Kami sumo was a fun for the children to make and play together. Enoal’s mum gave a presentation beforehand of the game and explained how the children could make their own sumo.

Then the children were given a demonstration by our class mum’s.

Then we had a go!

After a fun game of sumo the children loved tasting a small piece of mochi (compressed rice) with a tash of soy sauce prepared by our class mum’s.

Kamishibai-(Japanese storytelling)-“Eto” Japanese zodiac sign

The children listened to a traditional form of storytelling called, Kamishibai read to them by Serina’s mum. The story was taken from the folktale of the Chinese zodiac.

After the story each child was given the Japanese character for the animal/year they were born under in the zodiac. They were given colourful washi tape to decorate the edge of their card.


Overall, I would say that the children’s week has been so culturally enriched with a variety Japanese activities. This was only possible due to the thought, care and preparation time given by our classroom mum’s.  A big thank you to Serina’s, Enoal’s & Tomonori’s mum for presenting and deliverying such a interesting and fun time for the children. A thank you also to Isato’s mum for prior planning of the activity days/times with our class.



St. Patrick’s Day 2018


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This St.Patrick’s day the children had fun listening to folk tales of those cheeky little men know in Ireland as leprechauns’. We thought it would be add to the day by making our own masks and greeting our parents at dismissal time.


Wouldn’t you agree we are indeed a cute group of leprechauns!


Ikebana in our neighbourhood


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We received an invitation from our local community to visit the historical house called, Ehrisman House just across the street from our school to see the beautiful Japanese flower display known as Ikebana. Mother’s from our school community were part of the flower displays which was such a pleasure to observe and appreciate nature in this form.

Kamata san is the Ikebana teacher who enjoys sharing her love for this floral art form with parents from both our school and a neighouring international school. She welcomed us in warmly to enjoy all the displays. It was very tempting for little hands to touch the flowers, but we tried our best to remember to use only our eyes and our sense of smell to enjoy the flowers.

It was fun to step out of the school gates together to take a stroll in the spring wind, but it was also good to get back to our classroom to enjoy our lunch!



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