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Autumn happenings

The cool breeze in the air tells us the season of Autumn is here! We have been looking at different shapes, sizes and patterns of leaves, singing autumn songs, making leaf mobiles and some fun crafts to fill our classroom and hallway with the feeling of the season.

Take a look and see what we have been up to this month!

Pinning around the line on a shape and in this case a leaf takes focus, concentration and stamina. It also helps to develop and strengthen a child’s pencil grip, fine motor control and eye-hand coordination skills.

Sorting objects by their colour is part of our Sensorial area which allows the child to discriminate between colours, learn new vocabulary and organisational skills.

Cutting on a straight line to a up-down line helps a child practice holding of a pair of scissors correctly and again strengthens small hand muscles. It also helps a child practice his/her eye & hand coordination.

Seasonal crafts are always a fun experience for the child to make, as it allows for free creativity. Here we are starting the first part of our autumn tree by tracing around each child’s hand and then later with leaves that will be painted.

Now we just need some unique finger printed leaves!


We did so well as a class waiting our turn for our individual yearbook photo this year. Our photographer did a great job enticing a smile from our youngest students.


This year for Fun Day we wanted the children to enjoy the chance to play with balloons in the interim gym, while the space was free.

After the fun of bouncing our balloons high up around the grym we came back to our classroom to start our box construction creativity. Some children had clear ideas of what they wanted to make. Captured below is an idea to make a house and another a dinosaur!

In the afternoon the teachers were busy preparing freshly made popcorn for the children to enjoy.

The “fun” continued for the children with an all time favourite Mr Maker story to watch, while enjoying some popcorn together.

Halloween craft time

This year we made a spider puppet and a pumpkin. Both crafts supported the ability to follow directions so that the child would know which step to do next. These activities also allowed the children to strengthen their small hand muscles (fine motor skills) when using scissors which is a skill in itself, so that they could cut on both straight and curved lines.  

Library time

On our way to the library our walks past the construction site of our gym can be very entertaining, especially when the crane arrives and goes up so high.

See you next month for more activities, experiences and learning!

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