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Language Arts-(LA 2) – 2020

Hello LA 2 Parents,

I want to share with you what we have been learning and progressing with each afternoon for our LA 2 activities.

As explained in the LA 2 Zoom recording that I shared with you all in September HERE we have been gradually presenting the four (4) activities that your child has been engaging in each week.

So far all the children come into the class and start “Read to self” by collecting their book basket and enjoying some quiet reading time. We have discussed what good reading habits look like at the beginning of the school year, but from time to time, these ideals need to be revisited and remembered so that we can practice being good, independant and respectful readers.

These reading habits being:

Get started straight awayno day dreaming and looking around the class, we want to get our hands on our books and start enjoying them!

Eyes on your bookand not on your neighbours book. 

Use a quiet reading voicewe respect others trying to read around us.

Stay in the one placethis one we are really good at!

Read the whole time- I (child) do a picture walk by making up my own story if I can’t read all the words right now.

Don’t disturb others reading- we are working on focusing on our own books.


The children have been doing quite well with these reading habits, so we started presenting and adding more of the daily activities such as “Work Work, Work on Writing, Change reading books/writing & Listening to Reading.  

Read to Self- (below)


Word work practice (below)- we are learning to recognise the beginning sounds in words and new vocabulary with our activities. Also, being able to follow directions is very important so that we can be successful with our own work.










Work on Writing- we are practicing correct pencil grip, control & the correct letter formations. 


Change Books, writing practice and reading with Ms Catherine- the children take turns weekly to change their books. They can choose five (5) books from the different genres on offer. 


Listening to the Reading (Bookflix stories)

Our school library has a subscription to Scholastic Books- Bookflix app. This app gives the children many different categories to choose from which they click. Once the story is loaded the text will light up in yellow as the narrator reads to the child, so that the child can practice following along and gradually identify frequent words, especially sight words. It also gives children, especially non-native children an example for the flow, rhythm and expression of the English language.












The children have been reading with me when they return their Pick-A-Book, just so I can check-in on their reading skills & adjust the type of books if needed. I have said to the children that it would be great if they could also practice their writing at home, by copying the words and/or sentences from the books that I send home each week. So far I have had a few children share their writing practice with me in their envelope. I like to encourage their writing skills by giving them a comment and a stamp. It would be good if you could  also encourage your child to do this too. It’s best if you buy a lined book or draw up wide lines and staple the sheets together, so that your child’s progress can be kept all together.

I hope that this has given you more of an insight into what your child has been learning each afternoon in LA 2 so far. At home if you could also help us with observing how your child holds his/her pencil, and support your child if needed.  We have noticed for a number of children that they are not holding their pencil correctly and/or have formed a bad habit. We are giving those children who need it a pencil grip.

As always we value your support, especially with the Pick-A-Book Program.

Kind regards,

Ms Catherine & Mrs Almoula







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