Seaside Mikan Farm Excursion


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On a bright sunny day in early December our class headed out to the Seaside Mikan Farm in Yokohama.

Last year the Montessori classes also took part in this excursion, so the children who had been on the excursion the year before knew how much it was, so they were excited to pick some mikan’s once again.

Armed with our plastic bags we were invited to pick and eat as we walked along searching for our week mikan’s.

Playing amongst the trees was also encouraged!

 We noticed that some mikans had seeds which we were told was due to cross growing a mikan with an orange. The result was a sweet taking treat!

We loved having our three parent chaperone’s (Jennifer’s mum, Alejandro’s mum & Margaux’s mum) to guide us along and enjoy the day with us.

Grade 1 visit for an audio story


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An invitation to visit Ms. Gerken’s grade one class was extended to our class to listen to an audio story the first graders had been working on. The story was, “Scaredy Squirrel.” We watched and  listened to the story while trying to guess some of the students voices who were our friends in Montessori last year. We enjoyed our time together to share student/peer learning.

Thank you 1G for the invitation!

Chinese New Year- Year of the Dog 2018


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Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Dog is here and with it we enjoyed not only learning about the meaning and traditions of the Chinese culture, but the the importance of this celebration for Chinese people around the world. We decorated our classroom door to welcome in a happy and healthy year ahead for us all.

In our class we were given a presentation by Ryan’s mum who shared with us an origami paper cutting craft which is  famous in China. We watched as she folded, drew and then cut her paper to create the Chinese character “Spring.”

Thank you to our classroom mother’s who came in to help and guide us with our own creations.

While some of our classmates made their paper craft, others were busy making their “Year of the Dog” paper lantern.

What a fun and meaningful activity for the children that can be hung at home to bring on a year of good health and happiness!



Valentine’s Day Activities


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Valentine’s Day and the crafts leading up to the day is always filled with a lot of love for our family and friends. This year we made a Valentine’s card and for those interested a love heart paper chain was offered as a shelf activity. We sang songs all about love in morning circle times and joined in with elementary’s “Love Bug” day. We all tried our best to buzz together for a class photo with most of  looking into the camera lense with a smile!

Piecing together a love heart paper chain

Making a card full of love for our family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fun Day 2018


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This year the theme for Fun Day focused on integrating mathematics into team games, a movie and a game of bingo.




In the season of winter


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A tradition in our classroom that the children enjoy each year is the trimming of the classroom Christmas tree. All the decorations are laid out in front of the children to choose their favorite pieces. As you can see, the care that each child takes to hang an ornament or wrap a long piece of tinsel around the tree makes for a joyful classroom.

Joining in with the elementary school for the Christmas concert with our dances and songs really had us in the Christmas spirit, which the children enjoyed performing to their parents and peers.

In the season of autumn……


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In the months of October and November we have been busy with activities associated with the season of autumn. We enjoyed tasting some sweet persimmons from Izu.

We created our own autumn tree by stamping toilet rolls to print leaves. This goes with our autumn song that we have been singing and acting out in class:

Like a leaf or feather;

In the windy, windy weather;

We will twirl about and whirl about;

And all fall down together.

Our older five year olds have challenged themselves with a Montessori matching activity called, “Parts of a leaf” activity.They then made their own booklet. And we have enjoyed looking at the many shapes and colours of leaves that our classmates have been bringing in from outside. The acorns have also been made into a counting activity.

The children had fun opening up a new continent map of the world puzzle that has been put onto the shelves to enjoy.

And we have also been practicing for our upcoming Christmas concert which is sure to be something you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendar for December 1st!

International Week-Korea


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Korea was our last traveling destination for International week! We were shown the traditional Korean dress (Hanbok) with Ely’s mum. She had prepared the top part of the dress which was made with origami.

The children were then asked to decorate the paper cup with strips of coloured paper to make it their very own.

Once the children were finished both the top and skirt were connected with a magnet.

Very clever idea!


International Week-Thailand


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Traveling along we have found ourselves at our eighth (8) country- Thailand.

We were shown the flag of Thailand and how it is made up of three colours- red, white and blue. The children coloured it in and because it was a sticker (good idea!) they stuck it to their picture of an elephant. Trin’s mum shared with the children that the elephant is a very sacred, special animal in their country, with the white elephant being the most special. There are presently 11 in the country. Did you know that it is “Elephant Day” on March 13th?

We also had the pleasure of tasting a traditional Thai dessert which was made up of three (3) layers of fruits and coconut. Yum!

Again we came together as a class to show our beautiful elephants!

International Week-United Kingdom~Queen Elizabeth


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Our seventh (7) country had us travelling again to  the United Kingdom, but this time we learnt more about Queen Elizabeth II and her love for Corgie dogs and horses. Ela’s mum also shared how the British flag is made up of three flags being: England, Ireland and Scotland. When put together they make the United Kingdom.

She took us on a tour of London and showed us with visual cut out pictures what we may see as we travelled around. It made it easier for the children to understand and follow along with, as she presented the double decker bus, the Queen’s guards at Buckingham Palace, the “Bobby’s” (police), red telephone booths, Big Ben and black cabs. A wonderful display for the children to take a look at in the classroom!

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