Math/Reader’s Workshop/Japanese A Read-aloud

Reader’s Workshop

Starting this week, we started our first unit for Reader’s Workshop, Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story. Through this unit, the student’s goals are to think in the character’s shoes and imagine the scenes from the book they are reading. 

Their first session started with a read-aloud of “Tiger Rising.” The first chapter is a few pages long but has a very descriptive paragraph when the main character encounters a tiger in a cage. 

They have been listening carefully to the story and have learned how to make notes on “important things to talk about later.” Taking notes while reading is also an important strategy for them to read intensely and a step to think in the character’s shoes. 

Before finishing off the first chapter of the math, the students went around different math stations to review what they had learned the past month. Each station had different activities such as calculating the household applicants’ prices, solving real-world problems and creating one for their peers, working on worksheets, and playing place value games.

They worked very hard on their math chapter review, which we went over by revisiting the problems that they got incorrect.

Japanese A Read-aloud

On Tuesday, the Japanese A class invited 4th-grade teachers and our music teachers for their read-aloud presentation. They were reading with expression, and voices reflected the tone of the story or the characters’ personalities!
I see that they were nervous at first, but they did a fantastic job! Well done, Japanese A students!