Happy End of the School Year!

I would like to thank all the parents for making generous contributions to our class party and also for all the thoughtful gifts and messages. I appreciate all your kindness and support throughout the whole year. The class was full of energy through out the whole day and I believe we ended our last day […]

Last week of Learning!

Historical Fiction PresentationStudents read their historical fiction books for their last writer’s and reader’s workshop unit. They worked with their book club members for presentations. IPC Endangered Animals Art and Zoo designing projectStudents drew and painted endangered animals of their choice. They learned several techniques to sketch the animals and learned how to use the […]

Busy Bees!

Students have been busy working on publishing their literary essay, creating slides for their presentation on their historical fiction book, and preparing for their Chapter review test on Polygons. Book Club Presentations For reader’s and writer’s, students have been assigned to read a historical fiction book. In writer’s they picked a character and wrote a […]

Special Events!

Spring ConcertI hope you all enjoyed our Spring Concert performances!Thanks to all our students and music teachers for practicing and working hard for this day. 4K WorkshopsWe had two groups of students offering workshops for our class!The first group offered a Pokemon Drawing Workshop. Students answered some quizzes about pokemon, and they had a lecture […]


Math: Students have been learning to use the protractor to measure angles and naming angles. They learned to differentiate acute, obtuse and right angles! IPC:Students have been learning and researching endangered species. We shared our findings and discussed the importance of understanding endangered, existing and extinct species. Spring Concert:The spring concert is tomorrow! We will […]

Celebration continues…

IPC Eco-city PresentationStudents invited the 3rd graders for their Eco-City Presentation. Since last week, they have been working hard on making their ideal eco-city model and explaining why sustainable life is important. Congratulations to 4th graders for ending their “Climate Control” unit with a great presentation of their eco-city model. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!We celebrated May birthday […]

150th Anniversary!

We celebrated Saint Maur’s 150th Anniversary today. Students learned about what the world was like back in 1872 and the history of St.Maur. 4K students had “150” related activities and challenges!They counted 150seconds… Counted 150 plastic tiles…. and more! We watched the Irish Dance group’s performance in the auditorium. Students got 150th anniversary cupcakes! ES […]


Sakura Medal Books Those who read a certain amount of sakura medal books throughout the school year were invited to a voting party! He read ALL the Sakura medal books this year! Congratulations! Historical Fiction Book Club We visited the library to explore historical fiction books for our reader’s workshop. Students had the opportunity to […]

Conversions and Measurements!

4K students have been learning about the customary and metric systems and practicing converting the units. As a preparation for their Chapter Review, we had five stations to practice what they had learned in this chapter. Students used measuring tapes to measure certain objects to find the total length. They played games to convert units. […]

Thinking about the 3Rs…

–3Rs–Students have been learning about the importance of the 3Rs and how it helps sustain the environment for future generations.┬áStudents also came up with their own ideas for recycling a product. For example, we learned about the Mymizu app for reducing plastic pet bottles and Retter (produced by Greenbird) for recycling plastic wastes collected at […]