December is here!

Continuation of IPC Rock PresentationsWe finished off listening to everyone’s rock presentations. There were even more interesting facts that the students researched. Some took the initiative to explore the questions and wonders that came up while they were researching on their rock, which was wonderful to see!  Well done 4K! Grade 5C Body System Presentations5th-grade […]

Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving! Students read about the why and how Thanksgiving is celebrated. They wrote down what they were thankful for and colored the turkey. On the day of Thanksgiving, I created a poster about what I am thankful for.  Students also surprised me with their thankful messages to me.  Raffle TicketsStudents got one free raffle […]

New Units

This week has been a busy week for 4th graders starting new units. IPCWe started off our unit with a provocation activity where both 4th-grade teachers acted as if an earthquake was happening during class. (We played some sound effects on Ms.AE’s speaker) 4th graders remembered to drop, cover and hold on to the desk. […]

Writer’s Workshop Celebration and more…!

Writer’s Workshop CelebrationStudents have been working hard to publish their realistic fiction and they had a big celebration on Tuesday. We had Mrs. Forbes-Dias, Ms. AE, Mrs.Pentland-Smith, and Ms.Furstenau joining our Writer’s Workshop Celebration. They each had their summary of their realistic fiction on their desks to encourage people to read their work. As they […]

Happy Halloween!

Halloween:Students wore Halloween accessories and attended the game show hosted by ESSC. Grade 4 played “Bouncing Eyeballs and Pumpkins Game.” They had to get as many ping pong balls in the bucket as possible! We also had a Monster Mash Dance – off where all of us danced together! Breast Cancer Awareness:October is breast cancer […]

Sakura Medal Books/ IPC Group Work

Sakura Medal BooksThe Sakura Medal is an annual reading program in international schools across Japan that encourages students to read and enjoy recently published books from an international list selected by librarians.  Last week, 4K students had the chance to take a look at some Sakura Medal Books and see what books that are offered […]

Birthdays/IPC/Reader’s WS

October Birthdays!We celebrated our October Birthdays on Monday. Students wrote their messages on the cards and we sang happy birthday to them! IPCStudents have been very passionate about creating their original mythological characters. We had a special guest on Tuesday and she gave us a workshop on what mythical characters are and what we should […]

Math/Reader’s Workshop/Japanese A Read-aloud

Reader’s Workshop Starting this week, we started our first unit for Reader’s Workshop, Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story. Through this unit, the student’s goals are to think in the character’s shoes and imagine the scenes from the book they are reading.  Their first session started with a read-aloud of “Tiger Rising.” The first […]

Writing Workshop/ Student Council

-Writing Workshop- This week, we celebrated publishing our first narrative writing as a 4th grader. We celebrated each other’s work by having a small popcorn party and having an opportunity to read each other’s work. Every writing had its uniqueness, and we all enjoyed reading different styled writings.  Also, we started our first writing unit […]

Library/IPC Unit

Our class seems to enjoy reading since they are always requesting to go to the library to borrow books!Ms.Schumacher; our librarian has shown us how we could check if the books are available through the St.Maur library blog.Also, we had the first opportunity to look through the new books they had just added to the […]