In the season of autumn……


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In the months of October and November we have been busy with activities associated with the season of autumn. We enjoyed tasting some sweet persimmons from Izu.

We created our own autumn tree by stamping toilet rolls to print leaves. This goes with our autumn song that we have been singing and acting out in class:

Like a leaf or feather;

In the windy, windy weather;

We will twirl about and whirl about;

And all fall down together.

Our older five year olds have challenged themselves with a Montessori matching activity called, “Parts of a leaf” activity.They then made their own booklet. And we have enjoyed looking at the many shapes and colours of leaves that our classmates have been bringing in from outside. The acorns have also been made into a counting activity.

The children had fun opening up a new continent map of the world puzzle that has been put onto the shelves to enjoy.

And we have also been practicing for our upcoming Christmas concert which is sure to be something you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendar for December 1st!

International Week-Korea


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Korea was our last traveling destination for International week! We were shown the traditional Korean dress (Hanbok) with Ely’s mum. She had prepared the top part of the dress which was made with origami.

The children were then asked to decorate the paper cup with strips of coloured paper to make it their very own.

Once the children were finished both the top and skirt were connected with a magnet.

Very clever idea!


International Week-Thailand


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Traveling along we have found ourselves at our eighth (8) country- Thailand.

We were shown the flag of Thailand and how it is made up of three colours- red, white and blue. The children coloured it in and because it was a sticker (good idea!) they stuck it to their picture of an elephant. Trin’s mum shared with the children that the elephant is a very sacred, special animal in their country, with the white elephant being the most special. There are presently 11 in the country. Did you know that it is “Elephant Day” on March 13th?

We also had the pleasure of tasting a traditional Thai dessert which was made up of three (3) layers of fruits and coconut. Yum!

Again we came together as a class to show our beautiful elephants!

International Week-United Kingdom~Queen Elizabeth


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Our seventh (7) country had us travelling again to  the United Kingdom, but this time we learnt more about Queen Elizabeth II and her love for Corgie dogs and horses. Ela’s mum also shared how the British flag is made up of three flags being: England, Ireland and Scotland. When put together they make the United Kingdom.

She took us on a tour of London and showed us with visual cut out pictures what we may see as we travelled around. It made it easier for the children to understand and follow along with, as she presented the double decker bus, the Queen’s guards at Buckingham Palace, the “Bobby’s” (police), red telephone booths, Big Ben and black cabs. A wonderful display for the children to take a look at in the classroom!

International Week-United Kingdom~ The Beefeater


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Traveling to the United Kingdom we learnt about the Beefeater from Vienna’s mum.

She explained that a Beefeater is one of Queen Elizabeth’s guards who protects her crown jewels at the Tower of London. A Beefeater must do 22 years of military service before being considered for a position. The chief Beefeater must pass a secret password everyday to another Beefeater which has occurred for 300 years. The tradition of the Beefeater has been carried on for 700 years!

Here we are watching a short video of a little girl whose grandparents are Beefeaters. A very interesting and important occupation indeed!

International Week-Kenya


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Our fifth country presentation took us to Kenya. We listened to a village tale from Kenya called, “Mama Panya’s Pancakes,” read to us by Uma’s mum.

We also learnt that traditionally in Kenya people can walk for miles and miles from the market to their homes to collect water and food, so they carry their baskets on their heads to stop from getting tired arms. We had a try ourselves with a small basket.

Not as easy as we thought!


International Week-United States of America


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The fourth country we travelled to was the United States of America. We learnt about the the bald eagle that is part of the country’s coat of arms, money and seals.

Jennifer’s mum shared the importance of the bald eagles feathers with the Native American Indian’s. The chief Indian wears them on his headdress to show strength, courage and bravery. She also explained that the bald eagle mates for life with the same partner and is very protective of its young. The children’s hands were traced onto the love heart painting and they coloured it in to form their own bald eagle.

Here are some images that were shared with the class: American Presentation -14r4ekr

International Week-Brazil


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Our third country presentation during International week took us to the country of Brazil.

The children had fun learning about the meaning of each colour of the flag with Theo’s mum and then they pasted the pieces together to make their own flag.


After lunch we ate some delicious, warm bread rolls and Brazilian sweets for dessert from our Brazilian mothers! Delicious!


International Week-France


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The second country we learnt about during International Week was France with Julian’s mum. We participated in a fun flag activity where we pasted coloured images from magazines for the three colours of the French flag being- red, white and blue.


We then came together for a photo snap of our flags! Don’t they look great!


International Week- India


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International week has been an amazing experience for our class again this year. We have had presentations from eight (8) different countries and learnt so much along the way. A very sincere thank you to all our parents for preparing, presenting and implanting a love of learning about our world.

I am going to share separate posts on each country that was presented to the children, otherwise the photographs would be too much for one post.

So let’s pretend we have our passports in our hands and off we go on our travels to our first countryIndia.

At this time of the year the people of India celebrate Dwali being the Festival of Lights.

Our sense of smell was given a working out with spices like, cardamon, cinnamon, clove and star aniseed. We were given samples which we will use in our smelling bottles in the Sensorial area of our classroom for a matching activity.

We did a little yoga stretch…..

We looked at some pictures of things we may see in India.

And we watched a fun Indian dance.

Thank you to our parents and classmate for sharing the country of India with us!

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