Wednesday, March 18 – Mrs. Almoula’s Story Time

Hello everyone,
I’d like to share a story with you today and my story is “Brave Little Bear” by Rory Tyger.  I hope you enjoy it.
After listening to the story, let’s see if you can answer the questions below.
Here are the questions.  Can you answer them?
1.  How many different funny noises Newton heard at night ?
2.  What kind of noise the closet door made?
3.  What kind of noise the window curtains made?
4.  What kind of noise the bathroom faucet made?
5.  What kind of noise Newton’s tummy made?
6.  What did Newton do to stop his rumbling tummy?
7.  Do you think Newton was a Brave Little Bear ? Why?
Here is a story/song you may want to listen and sing along to:

Also, with the help of your parents, you can try the crafts activities below:
Paper Plate Animal Crafts


I hope you enjoyed today’s story and crafts.

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