Tuesday, April 21st~Ms Catherine’s Storytime

Hello Parents & children,

How are you today!

I’m happy to be sharing a story with you all today

called, Larabee” written and illustrated by Kevin Luthardt.










Click for the story HERE

*Please note: After clicking on the link, if you see a screen that says download you can, but if you wait a little bit as it processes the file, you will be able to go directly. 

Questions to ask after the story:


1.What kind of dog do you think Larabee is?

2.Is he a working dog or a stay at home dog?

3.Why was he feeling a bit sad after delivering the mail with

Mr  Bowman?

4.Who mailed him a letter?

5.How was he feeling after he received the letter?

6.Have you ever received a fun letter? How did you feel?


Activities to try:

*I love puppets and I know children do too, so I thought this would be a great activity to make at home with some paper & coloured pens! Click HERE


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