March 8

The Crossover Book Review

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

By Sean. T Tokyo Japan


Josh Bell, the basketball King. And his brother Jordan, the basketball prince. Together they are like Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr as basketball players. And these are some of the characters from The Crossover by Kwame Alexander.


Chuck Bell, also known as “Da Man”, is the father of Josh and Jordan Bell. He is the Michael Jordan of The Crossover. Once a basketball legend, these days he cheers at his son’s basketball games. Chuck Bell has hypertension, but he doesn’t want to see a doctor because his father died in a hospital and has a fear of doctors.


The thing about The Crossover is that there’s a ton of free verse writing which I love and you would probably love too. It gives an interesting appeal to the text so it is fascinating to read. What’s interesting about the free verse writing is that it is used extremely well. It’s like you can see what Josh and Jordan Bell see when they play basketball.


Some of the chapters have captivating vocabulary as a title and the meaning is written below like it is a dictionary. For example, the word pulchritudinous, which means to have great appeal, and the word profusely, which means to spend or giving freely and in large amount.


I would recommend this book for people who really like sports especially basketball and for ages 9 and up. This book has had a lot positive reviews from multiple book review sites. I highly recommend it.


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