March 3

Five Kingdoms

Book Review: Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull

Cole is an ordinary boy. Nothing extraordinarily special has come from him. That’s until one Halloween.

Cole gets sucked into a magical world called the Outskirts by slavers in a supposed “Haunted House”. In a kingdom called Sambria, he is mistreated and beaten upon until he is separated from his friends from earth and sold to the Sky Raiders, who use him to venture into and raid floating castles coming from a big cloud. Cole becomes an extraordinary adventurer. Later in his week of fighting for the Sky Raiders, he discovers someone who forces him to leave with two others for the sake of their lives.

Full of adventure and suspense, this book has kept me reading for a long, long time. Compared to other modern fantasy books, I think that this one is in the top ten. Being a good page turner, and good for any age and any gender, I suggest it to everyone who loves fantasy, or to those interested in the sound, sight, smell, and taste of adventure, and even reading in general. I felt the clear emotions of the characters and almost heard the action happening as well as the words being said. I even skipped words sometimes because I was so sucked in and reading so fast to finish it. The fourth one is coming out rather soon, and overall, 5 big, golden, shining stars!

by Tyson H.

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