September 8

Online Classes vs. School

Online Classes vs. School

by Sarah

Which one is better, school or online classes? The first thing most kids will think is, “Definitely online classes! NO SCHOOL!” Well, is that true? I personally think that both classes have some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with standard school. The good thing about school is that you do not have to gaze at your screen for 7.5 hours every school day. When we have normal school days, the teachers try to make us students move around more. What are the bad things? Well, I think that it takes some time away from students. What I mean is that, you have to walk to school and back, you have to sprint to different classes on time, and you have to pack up everything before hand. In my opinion, I think that teachers are more irritable and harsh when it is regular school because the teacher can hear all the racket and it does kind of get annoying. Another bad thing is that you can not see your friends face to face. Is school really worse than online school?

The online classes do have advantages, but also disadvantages. The disadvantages are that you have to look at the screen the whole time. Yes, some classes have no Zoom or computer related things, but most classes have to be on the computer or otherwise you can’t communicate. Adding on to the sentence before, we usually use only Google Classroom and Gmail, but since we are at home we have additional websites we have to use. Also, another disadvantage is that when you ask a question online, the teachers can not answer quickly because they have to be concerned about other students too. There are some computers that have technical problems. The advantages are like before, you do not have to move around so much. Also, since the teachers have to post something online for the class forward, you can do your homework or school work during recess or class(if you finished it), so you do not have to do it for homework. Also, the teachers are more understanding because they know this is hard.

This has been hard and interesting transition to online classes, but due to the Covid-19, we had to do something. This has been a hard two weeks of online classes. As I stated before, this has some disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages are that you can not see your friend as much, we look at the screen more, and there are technical problems. There are some advantages like we have more time/we can get things done early. In my opinion, I think that standard school is better because questions do affect learning, and in this case right now, we can not get answers earlier. Some people might disagree with me, and that is alright because there are some disadvantages and that’s what they think. The conclusion is that it depends on your thinking.

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