October 29

It’s Here – Autumn

It’s Here – Autumn

by Nadia

When the breeze arrived during summer,

it’s here – autumn is here.

As time goes on the leaves turn brown 

making it grow old and shed on the ground.


As the wind tickles my neck and whisper

to my ear while I ride my bike through 

the cold wind, 

it’s here – autumn is here.


When summer is gone and autumn’s taking 

over, there will be less sunlight as the days 

become shorter. 

It’s here – autumn is here.

“Don’t come home too late!” my mom says.


When the trees become bald without

its leaves, and the weather became 

colder, we know that it’s here – winter is 


It’s time to say goodbye… I wish to meet you

again autumn. Soon.


I want to ride my bicycle“I want to ride my bicycle” by Khánh Hmoong is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

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