Sakura Medal Books/ IPC Group Work

Sakura Medal Books
The Sakura Medal is an annual reading program in international schools across Japan that encourages students to read and enjoy recently published books from an international list selected by librarians. 

Last week, 4K students had the chance to take a look at some Sakura Medal Books and see what books that are offered this year. Some students were already reading some of the books intensely, it was hard for them to put it down.

Starting yesterday, the library started lending Sakura Medal books to students and some students already visited the library to borrow them.
You can also check what books are offered on the library blog.

Once they read a sakura medal book, they are asked to fill in a slip to rate the book and have parents or a teacher sign it. I believe it is a great opportunity for parents to have a conversation about the book with your child and see if they are able to understand the story well.

Also, we try to schedule a library session every 2 weeks so students have a chance to read a variety of books. I hope they are motivated to read these new books and find pleasure in reading!

IPC Group Work
In groups, the students discussed and exchanged ideas to create mythical creatures and their stories. In the end, they did a presentation on their work and we exchanged comments and feedbacks.

They had a presentation on their mythical creatures by explaining the purpose of creating them and the story.


  • A  combination of eagle, lion, and gecko.
  • It causes feelings.
  • It causes the world to be angrier.
  • It feels angry
  • It symbolizes why fights happen
  • He can speak English and Haliboraese.


  • It is a scary creature that destroys cities and countries and is a very aggressive and scary creature.
  • It has a king cobra head, dolphin fin and tale, cheetah spots, and a lizard body. Each animal represented each city’s symbol and when this mythical creature appeared, they all stopped fighting.
  • This mythical creature was created by the people who were already dead and were worried about Yarnia’s future. They created the creature to stop the war and unify the five different cities of Yarnia.


Dieger has…

  • A snake’s tail
  • A lizard’s little feet
  • A  human head
  • A dragon wings
  • An oni’s horn
  • A tiger’s stripes
  • a cruel, mean, evil, rude, and nasty characteristics
  • This mythical creature is thought to be undefeatable but Cedric who is a hero in the story shows his bravery to defeat the creature. The purpose of the story is to teach a lesson that no matter how small and weak you are you can always be brave in your way, even if the other person is bigger or stronger.


  • It causes climate change 
  • It is a boy
  • It is mixed with sheep, horse, human, and jellyfish
  • It can control the weather
  • It can shapeshift
  • It can float on water 
  • Legs change to jellyfish from horse when it goes in the water
  • Before  he became a mythical creature his name was doctor chemical
  • Nature foundation gave him a chemical to help nature but he mistakenly drank it. This caused him to change into a mythical creature. He thought that the nature foundation purposely turn him into a creature so in anger he decided to cause climate change and make the world suffer.

I hope you enjoyed reading about their mythical creatures.

Please have a restful mid-autumn break!