Library/IPC Unit

Our class seems to enjoy reading since they are always requesting to go to the library to borrow books!
Ms.Schumacher; our librarian has shown us how we could check if the books are available through the St.Maur library blog.
Also, we had the first opportunity to look through the new books they had just added to the shelf.

This week, we started our first IPC unit which is the “Myths and Legends”.
We saw how SMEOs tie into our IPC unit and we explored by watching clips of mythical objects and creatures during class. They were all excited to see images of them especially the ones they already knew.

We later discussed “What do we know?”, “What puzzles us?/What questions do we have?” and “What should we explore” in the myths and legends unit.

During our zoom meeting, we shared some of the mythical creatures, stories, objects we know. Some students decided to dress up and some drew pictures of the objects and creatures.

We are excited to learn more stories, beliefs and culture from all over the world through this unit!