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Christmas season 2019

Christmas crafts are a fun time in our classroom. They not only look fun to make, but they also help to support and develop fine motor (small muscles) skills.

Drawing within a space, stroking a paint brush full of paint and/or glueing are skills that are developing important eye-hand coordination in young children.

This year we made two (2) crafts to give to our families for Christmas.

The first being the word “JOY” that was coloured creatively in markers and then decorated with jewels.

We then added a painted paper plate with our beautiful faces to the middle. And to be festive, we  added some glitter!

Our second craft is a simple but very cute snowman. Being able to listen to directions, observe, comprehend and then carry out the set task is a skill in itself for young children.


So with this craft a presentation was given to visually show where and how to draw the snowman’s mouth and eyes. We then glued on a warm felt hat and coloured in his nose!

And we added one more craft for the children who were interested in making one. These mandala’s turned out so well and Mrs Almoula added some sparkle with some glitter.


The tradition of “trimming our classroom tree” has always been a favourite activity. We learn the names of different ornaments like nutcracker, bauble and tinsel.

And the children also strengthen their fine motor skills by gently learning how to open the string of each ornament to then place it on the tree branch.

Taking turns the children then individually chose what ornament they wanted to place on the tree with care.

With each activity in the classroom the children learn to take an activity, start, finish,  clean it up and then place it back in its place ready for the next person. It is the same for our Christmas tree. During the last couple of days of school, the children also learn how to dismantle our tree by removing each ornament and packing it away, ready for another year.

One experience that we have enjoyed as we pass the office after visiting the library, is standing to look at the Nativity scene. We noticed all the animals from our Christmas concert song,  The Friendly Beasts were there watching over baby Jesus- the donkey; cow; dove, sheep and camel.


Wishing you and your family a very

Merry Christmas

Christmas Pizza Party 2019


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