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Diwali 2019

Each year in our class we are fortunate to have Mrs Almoula share with the class her rich and colourful festival of lights celebrations known in India as “Diwali.” It makes it all the more meaningful for young children when adults can share their cultural heritage.

Initially the children were given the project to colour in their own “rangoli.”  These elaborate and sometimes detailed designs are traditionally drawn with coloured chalk powder outside your front door each day. Mrs Almoula shared with the class that she would watch her older siblings first when she was a little girl and then as she grew older she was given a small design to create. Diwali is all about colour, light and glitter!


We heard about the story of how Diwali first started in India.

Ms Almoula showed the children how she would setup popular modern day rangoli designs here in Japan with  tealights (battery operated!).

 During the Diwali celebrations Indian people love to dance together with family and friends. So, to finish her Diwali presentation Mrs Almoula dressed in her brightly coloured dress gave us a twirl and also shared cookies with the children which is another tradition during the festivities.

Happy Diwali!


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