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In the month of May

The month of May has brought many fun and enjoyable experiences for the children. It has also shown a lot of growth with learning new skills, concepts and expressing oneself.

A quiet moment to connect with a book

Sharing a favourite page in a book

Refining some letter writing skills

Matching and learning the names of shapes

Creating a map and learning the names of the states and territories

Connecting a world of flag puzzles together with the countries names

Piecing together a puzzle with smaller, challenging pieces!

Helping a friend learn the numbers and quantities in English from 1-10

Associating the number symbol and quantity with the cards and counters activity

Practicing letter formations and refining pencil control

Celebrating the completion of continent puzzle maps

Sharing a love of learning about Australia

Learning addition with the Strip Board activity

Enjoying time together to play and be creative with large legos!


On May 5th we celebrated what is known in Japan as both “Boy’s Day”- Tango no sekko & “Children’s day”. On Boy’s day koi carp kites are flown outside your home to symbolise the strength of the koi carp that can swim against the water current. We used a connector block to make a stamp for the fish scales that we all made.

Then after finishing our koi carp craft we started making our Mother’s day craft. We really needed to listen to and follow directions, which is all part of the learning.

We cut, folded, pasted and wrote words of love on our cards. We hope all our mother’s know how much they are appreciation and loved and most of all had a wonderful day with their family!




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